Community Exploration for Central Grades K - 4

Introducing and apply scenarios of "Bring Your "A" Game to Work"

ATTITUDE: Staying positive in every situation.  Take control of the way you react.

ATTENDANCE:  Showing you’re reliable in every phase of your life.  Be on time, every time.

APPEARANCE: being professional both in the way you act, and the way you look.  Choose to be a pro.

AMBITION:  Taking initiative and adding value.  Do more than the minimum.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Living honestly and having integrity with every decision you make.  Refuse to rationalize bad decisions.

ACCEPTANCE:  Having respect and following direction.  Be coachable and play by the rules.

APPRECIATION: Demonstrating your gratitude towards others.  Provide selfless service.

All grades at Central participate in Safety Days at the end of the year. The students participate in challenges by the Fire Department, Lexington Police Department, State Highway Patrol, State Department of Natural Resources, Care Bear Helicopter Flight and many more affliates.


During kindergarten screening, parents will hear how the use of Positive Praise, Embracing Mistakes, and Assigning Chores has a huge impact on their child’s work ethic development which in turn results in them reaching their potential in every arena of their life.

1st Grade

Visit Wayne's Country Market

2nd Grade

Visit Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center

3rd Grade

Visit Richland County Solid Waste District

4th Grade

Visit State House


Career Trees

Praise Video



The following “new” graduation requirements will begin with this year’s freshmen (Class of 2018). Further information can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website by following this link



To all Informed Teens members: A reminder of the meeting tomorrow morning at 7:10 in Room 229. Please be prompt as we have important planning to do for upcoming events.

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Photo by: Ellen

The boys' varsity soccer team improved their record to 4-3 on the season with an impressive 5-0 home victory over Madison. The Minutemen pulled out to an early 3-0 lead in the first half and never surrendered the lead. The boys will endure a couple road matches before returning home on September 20th vs. West Holmes

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To all students interested in taking part in the upcoming Fall Play, The Crucible, please come to the auditorium today after school for auditions. This includes all of the underclassmen and not just the seniors. A special program has been designed for the underclassmen, and it will be exciting! See you there!

The 2012 Yearbooks are here! If you already purchased a yearbook, you must come to the library on Monday during your lunch period to pick up your yearbook.