Eastern Elementary Library Daily Procedures
 Book Selection Policy

Students at Eastern come to the library for a 50 minute period each week. Half of this time is spent doing activities that teach library, technology, and research skills, or completing classwork and homework. The other half of the time is spent finding new books to check out. 

Students may check out 3 books at a time. Unfinished books should be renewed each week. If a student has a book that is more than a month overdue, no new books will be checked out to that student until the book is returned or paid for. 

Material selection for Eastern's library is done with the aid of  professional journals (i.e. School Library Journal , Library Media Connection etc.)  and input from teachers and students. Curriculum needs are given priority. My aim is to choose books to meet all reading levels and interests, while maintaining a selection that is appropriate for this age group. If your child brings home a book that you feel does not meet those standards, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keep on Reading!
Mrs. Hunter
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