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  •   Annual Safety Day at Lexington’s Central Elementary On a cloudy summer day, the students at Lexington’s...
  • Central Fun Day 2014 would not have been possible without the help and support from all our...
  • Central Elementary hosted their annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in May. Volunteers logged an...
  Annual Safety Day at Lexington’s Central Elementary On a cloudy summer day, the students at Lexington’s Central Elementary learned about safety from the experts. Volunteers from Ontario SWAT and Hostage Negotiations, North Central...
Central Fun Day 2014 would not have been possible without the help and support from all our amazing volunteers!! A huge thank you to each of them as well as to Mr. Brownell for setting up the 44 stations of activities!  A perfect...
Central Elementary hosted their annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in May. Volunteers logged an amazing 3,000+ volunteer hours for the 2013-14 school year! Our volunteers are truly the heart and soul of Central Elementary and we...
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Central Elementary News

Central Elementary



     The beginning of the school year is off to a wonderful start. Finally, the students are back and there is laughter and giggling in the hallways! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who took time to come to orientation and made sure their student was prepared for school! It helps so much when the kids know where they are going. Please do not ever hesitate to call if you have a concern.  

New Faces

     Welcome Mrs. Berger! Mrs. Berger will be helping with fourth grade “Power Reading.” She comes to us from Western, she has been a Power Reading teacher for 10 years! Mrs. Gooden will be taking Mrs. Perry’s maternity leave. Mrs. Gooden is a very familiar face, she had done several long term subbing positions and also subs a lot.   Mr. Travis is our night time custodian. He started at Central at the end of last school year. Mrs. Pam Wisenbarger will also be joining our staff this year, she will help with duties and helping the students.


     Wow, does our school building look great! Thank you to Mr. Ben and Mr. Travis who worked so hard all summer long. Also, thank you to Mrs. Kehrle who takes care of our purple rock “L” by the front doors.

Parent Access to Progress Book

     Letters for new students with passwords and usernames will be mailed the week of September 15th. Progress Book is an online program which allows parents to get on their students information to look up grades and attendance. If you were already assigned a username from previous years then that one is still active.


   You can not send anyone to pick up your child without a note from you. Even though they might be listed as an emergency contact we need a note from you that states it is ok. Also, you might want to tell them to have a picture ID  

How did you spend the summer?

     In the showcase that is located in the upper hallway we are going to decorate it with anything that kids might have done fun over the summer. If you have a picture of your children on vacation somewhere or a postcard from where you visited please send it in. Also, if you have a picture of them just having fun, we will put it up in the showcase. Please label it with their names and where they visited or what they were doing to have fun.

Constitution Day

   On Wednesday, September 17 we will celebrate Constitution Day. It was on September 17, 1787 that the US Constitution was signed and it has changed the course of history. Now on Constitution Day it is time for us to continue the legacy and develop habits of citizenship in a new generation of Americans. Please help us celebrate by having your child wear red, white and blue.

Notes for absences

     When students are absent, it is required for parents to call the school and then write a note the following day. The absent line is 419-884-2200.

Football Tickets

   Student football tickets are available in the office for $4 and adult tickets are $5, a savings from the $6 gate price. These are for HOME games only!

Loop Line

     Please make a BIG sign with the student’s name on it that you would like to pick up. Also, we can only release your student to you!! If you need someone other than a parent to pick up your student, please send a note to the office in the morning and make sure they have a picture ID with them. When you are picking up your student please pull as far forward as you can. This enables us to load as many cars as possible. If there is a line of cars waiting on the road the police have already warned us that they can ticket you L So please pull into the Jr. High parking lot and then when there is space pull over to our driveway. Also, please stay off of your cell phones when your car is moving.   Remember there are 450 students in the building, the bulk of them leave within 15 minutes of each other. Please be considerate of others and the safety of the students comes first.


     Please do not park in the restricted spots in front of the school between 3-4pm. This is when the busses start to load and you might get stuck in those spots. If you need to walk in and get your child from school you can park at the Junior High or on Grange Street. (That is the little street that comes into the playground.) Please do not park on the playground! I know that pick up is a huge hassle but remember the safety of the kids come before convenience.


            All fees are $30 per grade level.   One quarter of them need to be paid by October 31st.  


   Due to the amount of injuries and repairs when wearing flip-flops, open toed shoes or shoes without backs the students will not be allowed to wear them at school. Check the handbook for more dress code specifics!

Text Message Alerts

     The Lexington Local Schools has signed up for a free service called Ohio Alerts. On Lexington’s main webpage ( lexington.k12.oh.us ) you can sign up to get texts to your phone or email. You can sign up for just the school building or for the district for any updates such as 2 hour delay or snow days.

Central Kids Rock!

     Congratulations to the 108 Central students who participated in the summer reading program at the Lexington Public Library. Mrs. Hensel will be having an ice cream party for them.

Signing Out Students

     If your child has an appointment during the day, please send a note to the teacher in the morning. The teacher will then send the note to the office. When you come to sign your child out, we will buzz the room and the child will meet you in the office.  

Dropping Items Off

   During school hours if you are dropping something off for your child, please leave it in the office and we will make sure that it is delivered to your student. This is to minimize disruptions in the classroom.  

     In the event of an emergency and you need to reach me after hours my cell phone number is 419-565-8771. Please do not call to see if we have school, use the radio, internet or television stations. Thanks J

Newsletters go home every Friday, please take the time to read them. Sign this newsletter and have your child return it to Ms. Weidig on Wednesday, September 3rd for a special treat.


     We are looking for a few good volunteers to help in the classrooms. Many of our children need a little extra help or TLC. If you or someone you know could spare a few hours a week to help around school please contact us 419-884-1308.  

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 9th        PTO meeting 7 pm Eastern

Monday, September 17th        Constitution Day (wear red, white and blue)

Tuesday, September 23rd     One hour early release

Wednesday, September 24th School Pictures

Tuesday, October 1st              PTO meeting     7 p.m. at Central

Wednesday, October 2nd       Interims

Tuesday, October 8th             Third Graders take the OAA Reading test

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