Lexington students in grades K-6 investigate and experiment at LEXplore Science Camp 2019. The focus of learning was on air and space concepts and activities included: Train Like an Astronaut, Airplane and Rocket Launch, Capsule Drop, Phases of the Moon, Solar System ...

Having fun while learning at the 2019 Lexington Math Camp!

Congratulations to Lexington High School Senior Ben V. on being named to the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association First Team All-Ohio!

Congratulations to Lexington High School Junior Alex G. Alex competed in the Division I State Track & Field Championships at the Ohio State University Jesse Owens Stadium where he was State Runner-Up in BOTH the 100 & 200 meter races! Way to go Alex!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Minuteman Athletic programs for earning the 2019 All Sports Championship. Lexington has won 12 of the 15 OCC All Sports Championships since the inception of the OCC in 2003-2004. We are BIG LEX!

Central and Western students enjoyed learning from the experts on Safety Day! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and talents.

Lexington High School Student Council hosted a Mental Wellness Fair during lunches on May 22. Over 15 community groups from Richland County set up booths, shared important information and interacted with students. As students visited tables and displays from area ...

Congratulations to the Junior High Academic Challenge teams for placing 2nd and 4th in their recent tournament! 2nd Place: Jacob H., Alex M., Jennifer C., Grant M., Ava G., Chloe D. 4th Place: Carter W., Wesley H., Wyatt M., Sophi R., Kylie G.

8th grade students performing chemistry experiments in preparation for High School. Their experiments were a practical application of the content they have been studying. The experiments covered chemical reactions, ions, isotopes, and chemical equations.

The High School BioClub visited Central Elementary recently to teach a lesson on the different types of bees, the importance of bees to our food supply and ways to protect bees. The BioClub members also helped the first graders finish a craft designed by the HS students ...

Eastern Elementary 6th grade Academic Challenge teams finished their competition season in exceptional fashion! One team finished first in each of the competitions and the other team finished in the top four in each competition. Combined, the two teams scored over 300 ...

Eastern Elementary students provided lunch on the square in Mansfield recently. Our students are learning the value and meaning of selfless acts of kindness. So proud of our Eastern students! You ROCK!

Congratulations to the Lexington Minutemen Baseball Team - 2019 OCC Co-Champions! Go Lex!

Congratulations Lady Lex Track & Field - 2019 OCC Champions! Also, Congratulations Coach Michelle Smith - OCC Coach of the Year!

Lexington High School Students traveled to Western Elementary today to read to students as part of Right to Read Week! We are BIG LEX!

Lexington Senior William S. was awarded the Rotary McGowan Courage Award on May 7th by the Mansfield Rotary Club. He joined 8 other students from Richland County who were also recognized by the Rotary Club for having demonstrated courage, tenacity, and fortitude in the ...

Congratulations to our Boys’ Tennis team - 2019 OCC Champions! This is back to back championships and league champions 10 of the past 12 years! Go Lex!

These four Lexington High School Seniors signed letters of intent to continue their academic and athletic pursuits next fall at the following Universities. Sage M., swimming at the University of Evansville; Alli M., swimming at the University of Tampa; Michael D., ...

The 2019 Eastern Elementary all school color wheel project organized by Art teacher Mrs. Haas in recognition of Art Appreciation month. Eastern students have been participating in the color wheel projects since 2009.

Lexington High School students are wearing purple in honor of Purple Up! day, a time for Americans to show their support for military families. April is the Month of the Military Child. Lexington recognizes, supports and is thankful for our military families. Military ...

12 Lexington High School students attended the National YMCA Youth and Government program at the Ohio State House last weekend. Students from every corner of the U.S. have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and to, quite literally, ...

April 12, 2019 Lindsey Gies / Yellow Day at Lexington Schools! (Yellow is Lindsey's favorite color) Lindsey Gies is a senior at Shelby HS. She is an excellent student and actively involved in a variety of co-curricular activities. She was this year's homecoming ...

The High School Varsity Academic Challenge team competed in the OAC Regional competition. The team performed well and finished the competition 3-3. Congratulations to our team! (pictured from left to right: Maggie S., Katie S., Gavin D. and Evan B.)

The Eastern Elementary 5th grade band is playing a piece called "Dancin' on the Bayou". The percussionists get to play wash boards and wash tubs with thimbles on their fingers, plus all of the normal percussion equipment. They were so excited the day they received the ...

Mr. Ziegelhofer testifying to the OFCC at the Statehouse to lobby for rule changes allowing both of our buildings to be designed together, and getting students in the 21st century learning environments our community voted for sooner.

Look what the Eastern 6th grade art students made for April Fool's day and put in the teachers eating area before school! The artwork is now on display at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center for the art show.

Lexington HS Senior, Jerrod K. was a 2019 Franklin B. Walter Scholarship nominee recognized last night at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center. This scholarship program honors Mid-Ohio's finest scholars from Crawford, Morrow and Richland counties. Each nominee reads an ...

Coaches and athletes from the Lexington Track team donated food and time to serve lunch while on Spring Break.

Eastern teachers Mrs. Guy and Mrs. Rogers, Eastern 4th grade student Sydney N. and Mr. Ziegelhofer serving lunch on the square in Mansfield just before spring break. This is an ongoing community service project adopted by the Eastern Student Council. So proud of our ...

Lexington High School Key Club collected pop tabs during the month of February as a fundraiser for a Ronald McDonald House. They delivered 52lbs of pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House recently. Pictured are the Key Club officers who delivered the pop tabs and had the ...

LEXplore Science Camp 2019
LEXplore Science Camp 2019
Math Camp 2019
Math Camp 2019
Ben V. Named OHSBCA 1st Team All-Ohio
Ben V. Named OHSBCA 1st Team All-Ohio
Alex G. State Runner-Up 100 & 200 Meter Races
Alex G. State Runner-Up 100 & 200 Meter Races
2019 OCC All Sports Champions
2019 OCC All Sports Champions
Safety Day for Central and Western Students
Safety Day for Central and Western Students
High School Mental Wellness Fair
High School Mental Wellness Fair
Junior High Academic Challenge Teams
Junior High Academic Challenge Teams
8th Grade Chemistry Experiments
8th Grade Chemistry Experiments
High School BioClub Educates About Bees
High School BioClub Educates About Bees
Eastern 6th Grade Academic Challenge Teams
Eastern 6th Grade Academic Challenge Teams
Eastern Students Provide Lunch on the Square
Eastern Students Provide Lunch on the Square
Varsity Baseball Team 2019 OCC Co-Champions
Varsity Baseball Team 2019 OCC Co-Champions
Lady Lex Track and Field 2019 OCC Champions
Lady Lex Track and Field 2019 OCC Champions
Students Participate In Right To Read Week
Students Participate In Right To Read Week
William S. Awarded the Rotary McGowan Courage Award
William S. Awarded the Rotary McGowan Courage Award
Boys Tennis Team - 2019 OCC Champions
Boys Tennis Team - 2019 OCC Champions
College Signing Day
College Signing Day
2019 Eastern Color Wheel
2019 Eastern Color Wheel
Purple Up! For Military Kids
Purple Up! For Military Kids
National YMCA Youth and Government Program
National YMCA Youth and Government Program
Lindsey Gies Yellow Day
Lindsey Gies Yellow Day
Varsity Academic Challenge Team OAC Regional Competition
Varsity Academic Challenge Team OAC Regional Competition
Eastern 5th Grade Band Dancin' on the Bayou
Eastern 5th Grade Band Dancin' on the Bayou
Mr. Ziegelhofer Testifying to the OFCC for Rule Changes
Mr. Ziegelhofer Testifying to the OFCC for Rule Changes
Eastern Students Prank Teachers for April Fools Day
Eastern Students Prank Teachers for April Fools Day
2019 Franklin B. Walter Scholarship Nominee
2019 Franklin B. Walter Scholarship Nominee
Lexington Track Team Helps Serve Lunch Downtown
Lexington Track Team Helps Serve Lunch Downtown
Eastern Student Councils Helps Serve Lunch Downtown
Eastern Student Councils Helps Serve Lunch Downtown
Key Club Collected Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser
Key Club Collected Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser


Our most sincere THANK YOU to our school district community for their support!

The support of our staff, our parents and our community is unmatched.

The passing of our new facilities bond issue is a huge win for the students and families our district will serve for generations to come, the teachers and support staff who will be serving those students and families for generations to come and our community, as a whole.

We have so much for which to be thankful!

We are...
…Big Lex!



Being able to sell the bonds to generate our local share (47%) of our new facilities project on June 26, 2019 in less than 90 minutes AND reduce our interest rate from 5.25% to 3.01% AND reduce the length of our district’s “mortgage” from 37 years to 30 years  AND reduce the average millage rate over those 30 years from 8.6 to 5.53 AND in doing all that save the residents of our school district nearly $28 million dollars in interest over the 30 years was quite a day!

WE have so much for which to be thankful! We are blessed with great kids, great families, a great staff and a great/tremendously supportive community! I cannot imagine a school district/community more deserving of the way this bond sale went than ours! - MZ

Dear Lexington Community,

I want to share the latest update regarding our new facilities project.

Over the past several months, we have been working with the State of Ohio and our State legislators to move forward with our new facilities project as quickly as possible. In order to maximize the process and begin the project while interests rates remain low and to provide our students with new buildings as soon as possible, the Board of Education has decided to apply to participate in the Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP) with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). ELPP is designed to give districts, not yet eligible to receive their State/OFCC share of the cost of the project, the opportunity to move ahead with portions of their project using the local share approved by their voters.

To participate in ELPP, there is an application form and a couple Board resolutions our Board of Education is required to approve and submit to the OFCC by early April. During our Board of Ed. meeting last evening, our Board approved our application and one of the two resolutions required.  The information needed for the final resolution needs to come to us from the OFCC. The OFCC assured us we will receive that information by next week.  Our Board will then schedule a Special Board meeting to approve the final resolution. 

Our ELPP application will be on the April 25, 2019, OFCC Commission meeting agenda for approval. Our application then needs to be approved by the State Controlling Board.  That meeting is May 20, 2019. Upon approval from the Commission and Controlling Board, we would be able to begin working with the architects on the planning/design process and timeline for one of our buildings as soon as early June 2019. To participate in ELPP, we must follow the process as required by OFCC, in order to be eligible to move forward with our project using our local share of the cost. We will know if we can proceed for sure following the May 20 meeting of the Controlling Board. This is all GOOD news.

As part of the ELPP application process, our Board does need to determine which building we will use our local share to build and which building we will wait to build until we receive the OFCC funds. The local share of the cost approved by our community is $55.95 million dollars. This is enough money to build either of our two new buildings. 

Based on many factors, including the recommendations of school finance and building experts, it is likely that the Board will decide to do the 7-12 building first. The main reason for this is financial.  By the time we are ready to do the second building there will most likely be an inflationary impact with regard to the cost of construction and interest rates. It would be to our advantage, financially, to deal with the inflationary factors on a $35-million-dollar project (the PreK-6 building) verses a $54-million-dollar project (the 7-12 building). Second, more of our current students will be able to experience being in a new building by doing the 7-12 building first.  Third, we will be able to replace our oldest building sooner. Then, the State/OFCC share of the cost of the entire project is enough to fund the PreK-6 building.

The projected time line regarding the 7-12 building includes up to 12 months for planning/design and 2 - 2.5 years to construct. These timelines are only tentative based on previous, similar school construction projects.

It is exciting to see our new facilities project get to this point and to be in a position to begin the planning/design process on one of our buildings as soon as this summer. We are so very thankful to our school district residents for their support of the new facilities project. 

Our residents’ approval of the November 2018 Bond Issue will impact the lives of Lexington students for generations to come. What a tremendous legacy to leave future generations of Lexington children!

On behalf of Lex students now and for generations to come, we offer our most sincere THANK YOU!

We will continue to provide updates as the approval and planning processes move forward.

Mike Ziegelhofer

Educational Aide Substitutes

Lexington Schools are in need of substitute educational aides. If interested please contact Jeremy Secrist or Linda Volz at 419-884-2132.

Long Term Food Service Substitute

Lexington Food Service Department is in need of substitutes. If interested please contact Food Service Director, Tricia Volz at 419-884-2192 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eastern Elementary was awarded the recognition as a 2018 Overall A School! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STUDENTS AND STAFF AT EASTERN!

Overall A

Congratulations! I’m honored to notify you Ohio’s State Board of Education has granted your school its Overall A Award.

As an Overall A Award winner, your school’s report card shows your school is demonstrating high academic performance and building bright futures for students of every background and ability level. Congratulations on this impressive achievement!

Ohio’s strategic plan for education, Each Child, Our Future, is the state’s plan to ensure each student is challenged, prepared and empowered for his or her future by way of an excellent prekindergarten through grade 12 education. Our mission is to prepare students for a future that has yet to be written. Many consider this to be a daunting endeavor. Your education team, however, has clearly embraced this challenge. 

I want you to know how much we appreciate your leadership and the dedication your team has to providing a high-quality experience for all students. Please share our gratitude with all of those who contributed to this accomplishment.

In the coming weeks, you’ll receive an official ‘Overall A’ banner to display in your school.

Thank you for all you do for the students and families you serve.


Tess Elshoff


(Credit: Mark Caudill, Mansfield News Journal)
LEXINGTON - Lexington Local Schools is a patriotic unit.

Three of the district's schools — Western and Eastern elementary schools and the high school — recently were selected for Purple Star recognition. Central Elementary School was chosen in the spring.

The Purple Star designation is for military-friendly schools that show a major commitment to serving students and families connected to the nation's armed forces. Awardees receive a special Purple Star recognition to display in their buildings.

"It's a recognition that we're very proud of," Superintendent Mike Ziegelhofer said. "We recognize the sacrifices that our staff and parents who are in the military make."

The Purple Star advisory board, formed by the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Veterans Services and Adjutant General, helps decide eligibility.

"A supportive school environment can have a significant impact on our military-connected students, and we're happy to see such a great interest in this designation by Ohio's schools," said Paolo DeMaria, state superintendent of public instruction. "These Purple Star schools provide our children and families with the resources they need to be successful.

"We're thankful for their service and honored to continue the important work of improving services for Ohio's military families."

To qualify for the recognition, a school must have a staff point of contact for military students and families who serves as the primary liaison between them and the school.

The liaison completes professional development on special considerations for military students and families under federal law.

That person identifies and informs teachers of the military-connected students in their classrooms and the special considerations military families and students should receive.

Each school in the Lexington district has its own liaison. Kelli Dyer is the contact person at Western.

Dyer, the physical education teacher, has been a member of the 179th Airlift Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard for 17 years, attaining the rank of E-7 master sergeant.

"We had one student last year whose dad was deployed," Dyer said. "We want to make sure we're touching base with family and student, helping them in any way that we can."

She added classroom teachers are good about sending care packages and cards to those who are deployed.

"It's a great way to express our support for our military personnel," Western principal Genelle Eggerton said. "It's the least we can do."

A school also must maintain a dedicated page on its website featuring resources for military families.

Lexington's schools go beyond that. For the last two years, the high school has honored vets by having them walk through the school on Veterans Day.

"I think that really helped our designation for this award," high school principal Kevin Young said. "It has grown in the two years we've done it."

He estimated the high school has seven to 10 students whose parents are on active duty.

"At the beginning of the year, we do an inventory, kind of like a survey," Young said. "What we like to do is follow up with the students and their counselors and see if there are any needs they have."

Ziegelhofer said loved ones left behind when a family member is deployed make almost as much of a sacrifice as the military personnel.

"Every military family takes their turn making their sacrifices," the superintendent said. "People don't always think about that."


Congratulations to Eastern Elementary, Western Elementary and Lexington High School who joined previously awarded Central Elementary as being selected as a 2018 Purple Star School. We were recently informed that the Ohio Department of Education has recognized them for “outstanding commitment to serving military students and families!”

Click on the link below for more details regarding the Purple Star Award. For the list of the most recent Award recipients open the link below and click on the link to the 4th round honorees.


Click here for the letter from Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Best advice is if you approach, from either direction, a school bus stopped on or along the road, for any reason, with or without its lights flashing STOP.

We must all do our part of keep our precious children safe on their way to and from school each day. No one should be in such a hurry to jeopardize children's safety.



Congratulations Central Elementary students, teachers, staff, principal and parents for being recognized as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon School for 2018 by U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Also, congratulations to Mansfield City's Spanish Immersion School and Mt. Vernon's Twin Oak Elementary School for their recognition.

Only 300 Public and 49 Private school buildings being recognized this year.
Only 13 Public and 3 Private school buildings being recognized in Ohio this year.
U.S. Secretary of Education (USDOE) Betsy DeVos Monday recognized 349 schools as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2018. The recognition is based on a school's overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.
A total of 16 Ohio schools are among those being recognized.
"I'm pleased to celebrate with you as your school is named a National Blue Ribbon School," said U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in a video message to the honorees. "We recognize and honor your important work in preparing students for successful careers and meaningful lives. Congratulations on your students' accomplishments and for your extraordinary commitment to meeting their unique needs."
The department went on to note the National Blue Ribbon Schools award "affirms the hard work of educators, families and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content."
Now in its 36th year, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has recognized on more than 8,800 schools. An awards ceremony will be held in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 7-8, celebrating the 300 public and 49 private school honorees.
All schools are honored in one of two performance categories, based on all student scores, subgroup student scores and graduation rates:
- Exemplary High Performing Schools are among their state's highest performing schools as measured by state assessments or nationally normed tests.
- Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing Schools are among their state's highest performing schools in closing achievement gaps between a school's student groups and all students over the past five years.
Up to 420 schools may be nominated each year. The department invites National Blue Ribbon School nominations from the top education official in all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Department of Defense Education Activity and the Bureau of Indian Education. Private schools are nominated by The Council for American Private Education (CAPE).
Ohio's Blue Ribbon Schools include the following:
- Bath Elementary School, Revere Local School District
- Bluffton Elementary School, Bluffton Exempted Village Schools
- Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School, Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District
- Central Elementary School, Lexington Local School District
- Hazel Harvey Elementary School, Chippewa Local School District
- Indian Riffle Elementary School, Kettering City Schools
- John Foster Dulles Elementary School, Oak Hills Local School District
- Mansfield Spanish Immersion School, Mansfield City Schools
- Maplewood Elementary School, Maplewood Local School District
- Mariemont Elementary School, Mariemont City Schools
- Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School (non-public), Archdiocese of Cincinnati
- Nortre Dame-Cathedral Latin School (non-public), Diocese of Cleveland
- Oakwood Elementary School, Paulding Exempted Village School District
- Saint Andrew-Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School (non-public), Archdiocese of Cincinnati
- Stadium Drive Elementary School, Boardman Local School District
- Twin Oak Elementary School, Mount Vernon City School District

Click Here for the letter from Aba Kumi, Director of the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program


Lexington Schools has updated to a new text and email alert service. The K12Alerts Portal link to sign up/make changes can be found under "Parents & Students" and clicking on "Text and Email Alerts" or by clicking here. If you were previously signed up for district-wide messages, you will still receive those alerts as usual. If you only wish to receive district-wide alerts, you do not need to do anything. If you wish to receive individual school specific alerts as well, those will need to be signed up for again. For existing users, enter your phone number or email address as the username and a password of changeme by default. After signing in, you can change your contact information as well as change the password to one of your choice. Click the "Click here to continue" button at the bottom of the contact information page and select the schools you wish to receive alerts from on the following page. Click "Add" and then "Click to continue" to confirm your selections.

Text and Email Messaging can be used for a variety of reasons such as:
Snow day notifications, school closings or delays
Emergency alerts (school lockdowns)
Alerting parents for delayed school buses
Alerting parents for local dangers

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2019-2020 Board Approved Calendar


 Lexington Local Schools earned an “Excellent” rating on the most recent report card issued by the Ohio department of Education. This marks the 11th consecutive year of an “Excellent” rating. This type of continued achievement is only possible through the dedication and commitment of school and community.

Over the past several years, Lexington has continued to improve its scores on the performance indicators from the state used to determine the report card rating.  These achievements are a reflection of our teachers’ expertise and their commitment to maximizing each student’s academic growth.  They reflect the hard work, focus of our students and parents, and their dedication.


"The Lexington Local Schools, through a partnership with our children's families and our community, will provide the BEST possible curricular and co-curricular opportunities to challenge all students to reach their highest potential, to enjoy learning and to make positive contributions within their homes and communities."

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