These High School BioClub members participated in the annual Christmas Bird Count at Gorman Nature Center. They walked trails along with other volunteers from the community and from Ashland University to count the number and species of birds at Gorman and the surrounding ...

Lexington Junior Zoe S. recently created a 10-pound paper dress for a digital art project. The creation is named Pulp-Fiction. This name acknowledges that the dress is made entirely of various papers. The article of paper fashion is tailored to fit Zoe, and it is quite ...

Congratulations to the Lexington High School Varsity and JV Academic Challenge teams for winning the 2018 Mid-Ohio ESC Academic Challenge!

Lexington High School students wore BLUE today in honor of Sadie T. and in support of her family from Ontario.

Bridget T. insists she's not a celebrity. Her classmates may disagree. The students at Lexington High School think so much of Bridget, they voted her queen of the homecoming court. "Because they like me," she said.

The 17-year-old has Down syndrome, a ...

Holly Cipriani, Assistant Director, Pre-College Programs from Bowling Green State University instructs our dual-enrollment students about BG technology and academic tracking during a recent visit. LHS has partnered this year with BGSU to offer four dual-enrollment courses ...

Varsity Boys Soccer team stands for the National Anthem before a match last week.

Lady Lex Volleyball players prepare for a return serve.

Varsity Girls Soccer players show off their pre-game form.

Senior Nick S. pre-shot routine during a recent match.

Lady Lex Volleyball Team in a recent home match vs Monroeville.

BioClub Christmas Bird Count at Gorman Nature Center
BioClub Christmas Bird Count at Gorman Nature Center
Zoe S. Digital Art Project
Zoe S. Digital Art Project
2018 Mid-Ohio ESC Academic Challenge
2018 Mid-Ohio ESC Academic Challenge
High School Students Wear Blue to Honor Sadie T
High School Students Wear Blue to Honor Sadie T
Bridget T. Named Homecoming Queen
Bridget T. Named Homecoming Queen
Ben T Named September Pioneer Student of the Month
Ben T Named September Pioneer Student of the Month
LHS Offers BGSU Dual Enrollment Courses
LHS Offers BGSU Dual Enrollment Courses
Lexington Soccer
Lexington Soccer
Lexington Volleyball
Lexington Volleyball
Lexington Soccer
Lexington Soccer
Lexington Golf
Lexington Golf
Lexington Volleyball
Lexington Volleyball

50 Lexington Art students, in painting, sculpture, studio jewelry and computer art participated in this year's Scholastic Art competition. From the 9 county competition over 1500 pieces of art work were submitted.

Once again the Lexington High School Art Department did very well in the Central Ohio Regional Scholastic Art awards:

Overall our Art students received a total of 27 Awards:

13 Honorable Mentions

7 Silver Keys

7 Gold Keys

Congratulations to the following students:

Bryce A. - Silver Key and an Honorable Mention

Jake B. - Silver Key and an Honorable Mention

Wilson C. - Silver Key 

Emmaline D. - Honorable Mention

Becca G. - Silver Key

Hannah H. - Gold Key and an Honorable Mention

Eli L. - Silver Key

Kayla L. - Gold Key and 2 Honorable Mentions

Connor M. - Silver Key

Gabriella M. - Gold Key

Moe N. - Honorable Mention

Vipra P. - Honorable Mention

Gabe P. - 2 Gold Keys  2 Honorable Mentions

Ava S. -  Honorable Mention

Zoe S. -  2 Gold Keys

Makayla S. - Honorable Mention

Madeleine W. - 2 Honorable Mentions                                         

Students awarded a Gold Key or Silver Key are invited to display their work in the 2019 Central Ohio Regional Scholastic Art Awards exhibition. The exhibit will run from February 11, through 22 in Columbus College of Art and Design Acock Gallery, Canzani Center. All students who submitted work are invited to come and enjoy the exhibition any time while it’s up February 11 to February 22, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday noon to 5pm. All students who receive a Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mention will be listed in the exhibition program book which will be available in the gallery February 12 to February 22. All Honorable Mention recipients will receive certificates in honor of their accomplishment.

Congratulations Lexington HS Art students and Art Department (Mr. Javurek, Mr. Hamman and Mr. Hoffman).


I hope this message finds you well as we are nearing the end of the first semester at Lexington High School. It is hard to believe we are almost half way done with the school year! When we return from winter break on January 2, 2019, we will be in the process of scheduling classes for the 2019-2020 school year and I wanted to give you some options to consider for your son or daughter.

Did you know we currently offer BGSU dual-enrollment courses here at LHS that your student can receive up to 15 college credits without having to leave our campus? The current classes offered here are:          

15 Credit Hour Pathway
HIST 2050 (3 BGSU credits) Early America
HIST 2060 (3 BGSU credits) Modern America
POLS 1100 (3 BGSU credits) American Government
PSYC 1010 (4 BGSU credits) General Psychology
ART 1010 (3 BGSU credits) Introduction to Art

In addition to the courses listed above, LHS is also adding 3 more courses to the curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year.

*New BGSU dual enrollment courses for 2019-2020*
ENG-GSW 1110 (3 BGSU credits) English Academic Writing
COMM 1020 (3 BGSU credits) Introduction to Public Speaking
MATH 1150 (3 BGSU credits) Introduction to Statistics

As you can see, we are committed to providing the best possible options for our students to advance in the college-credit plus program. By partnering with BGSU, we feel our students are prepared for college and those credits earned at LHS are transferrable to any state school in Ohio and many out-of-state schools and private universities. By adding more course options at LHS, the necessity to drive out to the branch to take classes really does not exist anymore, unless they wish to take a course we currently do not offer. In my professional opinion, we have caring and compassionate teachers that will provide extra support and guidance each day for your student’s college and/or high school coursework. My hope is that the motivation for not taking college classes at LHS is valid, and not based on the freedom to leave early from school each day.

Finally, I ask that you have honest conversations with your son or daughter prior to the scheduling of classes in January and encourage them to stay home and enjoy their junior and senior year at LHS. High school is a once in a lifetime experience that all our students should value. Thank you and feel free to contact me at 419-884-1111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.


Kevin Young

Please remember to sign up for TEXT and EMAIL ALERTS from the Lexington School District. This is our primary means of notifying families if school is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather. Look for the link to "Text  and Email Alerts"  under "Parents & Students" on the top menu bar of the Lexington Local Schools' homepage.


All automobiles driven to and from school by students must be registered in the office. Application blanks are provided for students in the high school office. 

Planned Absences: Parents are reminded that any planned absence is to be pre-arranged, in the office, with at least two days advance notice with a note. This would include college visits, medical appointments, out of town trips and funerals.

Notes for student absences that are not received within five days of the absence will result in the absence being permanently recorded as an unexcused absence.

The Lexington Schools have a rich tradition of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics.  Lexington High School, in continuing that tradition,  is committed to preparing students for a successful future.  The mission of Lexington High School is to provide educational opportunities that will best develop life-long learners, independent thinkers, and effective communicators.  These opportunities will help Lexington students achieve future excellence in all their endeavors.