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  • The Academic Challenge Varsity team of Maya A., Collin R., Noah E., Brady P., and Alan I., won the regional fall...
  • Lexington School Supplies Drive Lexington High School’s National Honor Society is collecting school supplies to...
The Academic Challenge Varsity team of Maya A., Collin R., Noah E., Brady P., and Alan I., won the regional fall tournament which will move them on to the state tournament in April.
Lexington School Supplies Drive Lexington High School’s National Honor Society is collecting school supplies to help families in need throughout our district. Drop-off boxes will be located at each Lexington school in the district from August...

High School Address

Lexington High School
103 Clever Lane
Lexington, Ohio 44904 (419)884-1111    



YOU are responsible to communicae any changes in your college course schedule to Lexington High School Student Services within 24 hours. Failure to report any changes may result in a student being deemed ineligible to participate in high school athletics.  Any questions, see your counselor or Mr. Roberts in Athletics.



All automobiles driven to and from school by students must be registered in the office. Application blanks are provided for students in the high school office. 

2015-16 Dress Code

2015-16 DRESS CODE

 Studies indicate that there is a strong relationship between good dress habits, good work habits, appropriate school behavior and good grades. Any type of attire which attracts undue attention to the wearer, and thus causes a disruption/distraction in school is not acceptable. The following is a list of proper dress attire expectations:  

  1. Tight fitting or excessively short shorts, skirts, or slacks are not permitted. This includes yoga pants, tights, or leggings.
  2. Dresses/Skirts/Shorts must be at least finger-length with arms placed down to your side; including dresses, skirts, shirts and sweaters worn over leggings.
  3. Clothing should be so constructed and worn in a manner that is not unduly revealing. Tops that may not be worn are: tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, halter tops, backless shirts, tops with spaghetti straps, sheer or fishnet shirts, fishnet stockings, and cut-offs or other tops which show midriff. All shirts must have a sleeve. Navels, cleavage, hipbones, or underclothing should never be visible.
  4. Clothing with holes, that are torn, or soiled are notpermitted.
  5. Clothing with offensive illustrations, slogans or commercial messages advertising drugs, alcohol and /or tobacco products is prohibited.
  6. Language on clothing which is insulting, abusive, threatening or harassing based upon issues such as sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity background, religious beliefs or disabilities is prohibited.
  7. Proper footwear must be worn at all times in the school buildings (no bare feet).
  8. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building.
  9. Hats, hoods, headbands, and pajama pants are not to be worn in school.
  10. Coats/Jackets are not to be worn during school hours. Warm-up apparel is appropriate.
  11. Chains, spiked collars, spiked belts, or spiked wrist wear are prohibited.  

 Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to correct the infraction. Any time taken from school to correct infractions will be unexcused. Daily, during 1st period, teachers will determine whether students are adhering to the dress code.  


Planned Absences: Parents are reminded that any planned absence is to be pre-arranged, in the office, with at least two days advance notice with a note. This would include college visits, medical appointments, out of town trips and funerals.

Notes for student absences that are not received within five days of the absence will result in the absence being permanently recorded as an unexcused absence.

High School Mission Statement

The Lexington Schools have a rich tradition of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics.  Lexington High School, in continuing that tradition,  is committed to preparing students for a successful future.  The mission of Lexington High School is to provide educational opportunities that will best develop life-long learners, independent thinkers, and effective communicators.  These opportunities will help Lexington students achieve future excellence in all their endeavors.


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RT @LexHSPrincipal: @LexingtonAD @swankonsports @PurpleHazeLHS @jspencermnj Biddle to the house! 34-20 Lex. 1:24 to go.
RT @LexHSPrincipal: @LexingtonAD @swankonsports @PurpleHazeLHS @Lexington_HS @jspencermnj Lex 4×800 state runner up. Congrats ladies!
RT @LexHSPrincipal: @LexingtonAD @swankonsports @PurpleHazeLHS @Lexington_HS @jspencermnj Dragos into finals...1-6, 7-5, 6-2. Takes down d…
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@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS @RichlandSource @MansfieldNJ Final at Willard: Lex 81 Clyde 65!
@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS Lex 71 Clyde 57 2:00 left in 4th
@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS @RichlandSource Lex 52 Clyde 44 end of third qtr.
@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS @RichlandSource 3:17 in 3rd: Lex 45 Clyde 35
@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS Gametime Lex vs Clyde!
RT @LexHSPrincipal: @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS @Lexington_HS 2 hr. delay for Monday, March 2nd.
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@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS Attention 9 grade English students. Please remember to bring earbuds for PARCC testing tomorrow.
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@LexHSPrincipal @LexingtonAD @PurpleHazeLHS 2 hour delay today. January 26th.
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