Chess Club

Two tournaments will be secheduled for this 2016-2017 school year. The first tournament will take place in November and December. The second tournament will be a "Blitz" tournament with time control, and it will be scheduled for April and May. Members will compete against each other to earn points. Each game will award 5 points to the winner or 2 points to each player for a draw. The losing player will recieve 1 point. Everyone will play each member one time. The player with the top points at the end of the tournament will be deemed Chess Champion.

There will also be "Open Board" meets on Tuesdays where anyone can come and play for fun. Open Board sessions are free to non-members! We meet in the High School library until 4:00 PM.

TOURNAMENT DATES: (at open board meets)

1st Semester Tourament (no time control) : November - December

2nd Semester Tournament (Blitz time control) : April - May

Other Info:

  1. The Player with the most points by the end of each tournament will be awarded the top prize (Gift Certificate to Barnes & Noble) and a championship medal.
  2. Students need to pay dues to officialy be a member and to participate in the tournaments. Club dues are $5.00 for the entire school year.
  3. Faculty Advisor: Mr. Davis

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(419) 884-2020 ext.1218