We utilize an electronic meal accounting system.  Each student has an individual debit account.  Students enter a "PIN" number as they go through the lunch line that authorizes transactions.  This system provides greater accuracy, faster service and the confidentiality of a student's eligibility status.  It provides a detailed record of the activity on a child's account and allows parents to determine if their child will be able to purchase ala carte items.

We encourage you to keep your child's account current by pre-paying for meals.  Elementary students are allowed two charges before phone calls are made home.  Jr. and Sr. High students are allowed one charge which must be paid the next day. Account balances are the responsibility of the students and parents. 

Free and reduced meal applications are available from the school offices, or by calling the Food Service Office at (419)-884-2192. Free and reduced meal applications may be submitted anytime throughout the school year. 

Breakfast Prices
Paid            $1.50
Reduced    $ .30
Adult          $1.50
Lunch Prices
Sr.& Jr. High:
A Lunch     $3.00
B Lunch     $3.25
Reduced     $0.40
Paid             $2.75
Reduced     $0.40
A Lunch     $3.25
B Lunch     $3.50