The Mission of the Lexington Library Media Program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  The Library provides a setting where students develop skills they will need as adults to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret and communicate information and ideas. The Lexington High School Library is an acedemic part of the high school where stuents and teachers can come to collaborate, wonder, read, and explore new ideas and concepts. In order to establish such an environment and respect the patrons of the library, please use the following ettiquette when visiting the library:

  1. All school rules apply to the library

*exception: cell phones may be used for school work at designated cell phone tables; if not being used for schoolwork and/or if cell phones are out, they will be taken and sent to the office

            2. Make sure you always sign-in and sign-out (sign-out is not required if staying the entire period)

            3. Students can only sit two to a table unless a pass from a teacher indicates otherwise

            4. Students can only work together with a pass from a teacher

            5. If a computer is needed, Ms. Patterson will assign you to a computer

            6. All devices are for academic work only; if using a device for other than academic work, you will be asked to leave the library and remain out for two weeks

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