Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the boardroom at 7:00 p.m.

on Monday, April 19, 2010. Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to

order. Roll was called by the Treasurer.

Roll Call – Members present: Mr. Loren Blackstone, Mr. Jeff Heck, Mr. Keith Stoner,

Mrs. Karen Wilson, Mr. Robert Whitney -------------------------------------------5


Elli Stevens – student advisor presented her report.


21-10 Motion by Mr. Blackstone, seconded by Mrs. Wilson to approve the following financial


1. The minutes from the March meeting were approved.

2. The monthly financial report for March 2010 was presented.

3. Treasurer requests approval of Appropriations Modifications.

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney-----5

Nay: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------0

Motion adopted.


22-10 Motion by Mrs. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Stoner to enter into executive session for the

purpose of discussing employment of personnel.

Roll Call – Yea: Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mr. Whitney ------5

Nay: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

Motion adopted.

Time entered: 7:08 p.m.

Returned to regular session: 7:48 p.m.


23-10 Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Blackstone, to approve the following personnel



Retirement: Accepted the retirement requests of:

Todd Korbas - High School math teacher, effective May 31, 2010

Elaine Clapper - High School art teacher, effective June 30, 2010

Laura Pike - Eastern Elementary, 4th grade, effective end of

2009-2010 school year

Diana Hurlow - High School guidance counselor, effective end

of 2009-2010 school year

Mark Maxwell - High School instrumental music & marching

band director, effective May 31, 2010

Resignation: Approve the resignation of the following:

Tom Smith - High School, effective end of school year

Jennifer Bacquet - Eastern Elementary, 4th grade, effective end of

school year

Sharon Papcun - Title I Coordinator (extra duty) for the 2010-2011

school year

Marilyn Johnson - High School LD tutor, effective end of school year

Dennis Bowman - Technology Director, effective April 30, 2010

Grant Weaver - Varsity boys’ basketball coach

Kevin Young - Boys’ assistant varsity basketball coach

Buck Morton - JV boys’ basketball coach

Gary Hundertpfund - Western Elementary, effective end of school year,

bus supervisor, Western Elementary

Laura Pike - IAT chairperson, Eastern Elementary, effective

end of school year

Rita Stoll - LEOS club advisor, High School, effective end of school



Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Maternity Leave: Approve maternity leave for Emily Donahue effective May 1, 2010

through end of school year.

Employment: Employ the following as indicated:

Jacque Daup - Summer school co-director, $600.00, 8/2 – 8/19

Kathy Dinkel - Summer school co-director, $600.00, 8/2 – 8/19

Dianne Wheaton - Fourth grade, Eastern Elementary, effective

August 26, 2010, 1 year limited contract, step 2

Jamie Feick - Head boys’ varsity basketball coach

Continuing Contract: Approve the re commendation for continuing contracts for:

Stephanie Blackstone - Central Elementary, 2nd grade

Joy Bowman - Western Elementary, 1st grade

Tiffany Daup - Central Elementary, 2nd grade

Dawn Lohr - Central Elementary, 2nd grade

Rachel Smith - Central Elementary, 2nd grade

Shelly Knapp - Western Elementary, 1st grade

Cheryl Longnecker - Eastern Elementary, Resource Room

Susan Young - Central Elementary, 3rd grade

Supplemental Non-Renewals: The individuals listed below are recommended for

non-renewal until spring sports are completed and proper evaluation procedures have

been followed:

Tim Bacquet - Jr. High track

Richard Dunn - Ass’t. HS track (jumps)

Mike Hamman - Varsity softball

Josh Hirschman - Ass’t. HS track (throwing)

Ken Kreis - JV softball

Kevin Morrow - JV baseball

Buck Morton - Jr. High track

Brent Rastetter - Jr. High track

Tim Scheid - Ass’t. varsity baseball coach

Jay Schmidt - Jr. High track coach

Michelle Smith - HS Girls’ head track coach

Jeff Strickler - Varsity baseball

Dan Studer - Spring & summer weight/strength

Denise Turner - Ass’t. HS track (distance)

John Watkins - Freshmen baseball

Dan Wittmer - HS Boys’ head track coach

Non-Teacher Non-Renewals: The following individuals hold supplemental

contracts, but are not employees of the district. It is necessary to non-renew these

positions for the 2010-2011 school year and to post these vacancies before

considering re-issuing contracts.

Ralph Baker - Ass’t. track (hurdles)

Doug Basham - JV wrestling & 7th grade football

Brian Bowman - Elementary wrestling

Aaron Brokaw - Ass’t. football

J.J. Burkhart - Ass’t. varsity swimming

Paul Conry - Ass’t. girls’ varsity softball

Kelley Crouse - 8th grade volleyball

7th grade girls’ basketball

Greg Dickerhoof - Varsity ass’t football

Badre El Bardawil - Varsity ass’t football

Jessica Farrar - Jr. High swim

Brian Faust - Varsity ass’t. wrestling

Jeff Freytag - Ass’t. marching band

Marlon Goolsby - Ass’t. track

Scott Hamilton - Jr. High track

Elementary boys’ basketball

7th grade boys’ basketball

Robert Hassmann - 8th grade girls’ basketball

Andrew Heath - 7th grade football

Jr. High wrestling

Randy Heidlebaugh - Ass’t. marching band


Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Rebecca Hile - Freshman cheerleading

Bob Juengst - Varsity girls’ soccer

April Kaufman - Var/JV cheerleading

Jordan Lucal - 9th grade football

Jay Porter - Freshman boys’ soccer

Steve Rasmussen - Var. ass’t. girls’ basketball

Vanessa Roberts - Jr. High cheerleading

Humberto Rosas - Co-freshman girls’ soccer

Ron Schaub - Varsity boys’ tennis

Varsity girls’ tennis

Brock Spurling - Jr. High swim

- Ass’t. varsity swim coach

Sue Subich - Varsity ass’t. volleyball

Peter Them - JV Boys’ soccer

Dan Trease - Elementary girls’ basketball co-coach

Dave Watters - Assistant Swim Coach

Rolf Whitney - 7th grade football

Darrin Wilson - 9th grade Football

Phong Wynn - Co-freshman girls’ soccer

Teaching/Extended Service Contracts: Approve teaching/extended service contracts

for 2010-2011 as listed :

Three Year Limited

Tim Bacquet Constance Jamieson

Tucker Bacquet Edwina Jellison

Laura Bower Tianna Keinath

Joy Bowman Crystal Kell

Jessica Bright Susan McBride

Jen Cavalier Tracy Montgomery

Debbie Collins Kevin Morrow

Linda Collins Holly Rice

Emily Donahue Matt Roggio

Roxanne Drueschler Amy Ruffner

Troy Eichler Annette Rush

Sally Giefer Rick Ruth

Irene Gilbert Rebecca Sarbach

Jean Griebling Tim Scheid

Mary Haas Michelle Smith

Suzanne Hall Sara Thorburn

Mary Ann Hallabrin Rebecca Vargo

Dara Harriger Lynn Waterer

Melissa Hassmann Sandy Weber

Brittany Heffelfinger

Ray Hoskins

Two-Year Limited

Stephen Domka Ryan Knuckles

Sarah Freundlich Michelle Olecki

Kelly Kapucinski Kellie Ritchey

One-Year Limited

Jim Barber Ray Mitchell

Margaret Martin Eileen Thrash

Extended Service

Jennifer Cavalier - Guidance

Susie Cooper - Gifted Coordinator

Bill Ellsworth - Guidance

Diana Hurlow - Guidance

Lois Lasker - Librarian

Sharon Starr - Librarian

Bobbi Weaver - Guidance

Betsy Youse - Guidance

Teaching Non-Renewals: Teaching non-renewals for 2010-2011:


Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Josh Hirschman

Dianne Wheaton

Supplemental Activities: Approve supplemental activity contracts for 2010-2011 as listed:


Tucker Bacquet - Social Studies department chairperson

Jim Barber - Industrial Technology club

Industrial Technology department chairperson

Rebecca Bigley - Student Council advisor

Home Economics department chairperson

Patrice Castillo - Spanish Club advisor

Foreign Language department chairperson

Shaun Clauss - Academic Challenge co-advisor

Paul Dawson - H.S. Choir director

Auditorium stage manager

Stephen Domka - Ass’t. marching band director

Co-ass’t. instrumental music director

Richard Dunn - Drama Club

Fall Play

Spring Play

CACY advisor

H.E.A.R.T. team

Academic Awards co-chair

Julie Frye - French club advisor

Chris Gerberick - Science department chairperson

Sally Giefer - National Honor Society

H.E.A.R.T. team

Suzanne Hall - Color Guard advisor

Mike Hamman - Art Department chairperson

Kelly Holder - Tech coordinator

- PE/Health Dept. chair

Diana Hurlow - IAT co-advisor

Student Services department co-chair

Ryan Knuckles - LEOS advisor

Steve Lifer - Math Club advisor

Chess Club advisor

Mary Long - Business department chairperson

Yearbook advisor

Tracy Montgomery - Newspaper co-advisor

Senior Class advisor

Michelle Olecki - Mock Trial Advisor

Matt Roggio - H.E.A.R.T. team

Elaine Ruth - English department chairperson

Rick Ruth - Ass’t marching band director

Co-ass’t. instrumental music director

Rebecca Sarbach - Special Education department chairperson

MFE coordinator

Sharon Starr - Academic Challenge co-advisor

District Library department chairperson

Academic Awards co-coordinator

Sara Thorburn - High School Yearbook advisor

Beckie Vargo - Key Club

John Watkins - Leadership Council advisor

H.E.A.R.T. team

Bobbi Weaver - IAT co-chairperson

Student Services department co-chair

Sue Weirich - Newspaper co-advisor

H.E.A.R.T. team

Ryan Zahn - Math department chairperson

Hold - Prom advisor

Hold - Junior Class advisor

Hold - FTA advisor (if sufficient numbers)

Open - Marching Band director

Instrumental Music director

- Music department chairperson


Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Open - Destination Imagination


Denise Belcastro - Head Teacher

Peggy Cohen - Math Counts

Linda Collins - Academic Challenge advisor

Stephen Domka - Jr. High Orchestra

Diane Eifrid - Yearbook

Amy Ferguson - Awards Program coordinator

Howard Hoffman - Art Club

Student Council advisor

Tommie Roseberry - IAT chairperson


Spelling Bee

Tech Support

Allison Schuster - MFE chairperson

CACY co-advisor

Jen Smith - CACY co-advisor

Power of Pen advisor


Bus Supervisors

Central - Tom Brownell (AM)

- Edwina Jellison

Western - Open

Eastern - Mary Sue Davis (AM & PM)

Head Teachers

Central - Stephanie Blackstone

Western - Margaret Martin

Eastern - Stephanie Jedra (co-head teacher)

- Cheryl Longnecker (co-head teacher)

Tech Support

Central - Robin Barrett (co-tech support)

- Michelle Rastetter (co-tech support)

Western - Amy Ruffner

Eastern - Kim Olivieri


Central - Tracey Heck

Western - Amy Stewart (co-chair)

- Bill Ellsworth (co-chair)

Eastern - Marsha Haas (co-chair)

- Open (co-chair)


Central - Tracey Heck

Western - Claudia Ruihley

Eastern - Cheryl Longnecker

District 504 Chairperson

Bill Ellsworth

Title I Reading Coordinator


Math Counts – Eastern

Jennifer Berry


Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.


Tim Bacquet - Jr. High Athletic Director

Bob Juengst - Varsity girls’ soccer coach

Mike Kathrein - Varsity girls’ golf coach

April Kauffman - Varsity/JV cheerleading coach

Buck Morton - Varsity boys’ soccer coach

Russell (B.J.) Payne - Varsity boys’ football coach

Ron Schaub - Varsity girls’ tennis coach

Denise Turner - Varsity cross country coach

Ryan Zahn - Varsity boys’ golf coach


Non-Certified Contracts: Approve contracts for classified employees as listed:


Krista Alexander - Continuing

Barb Ludwig - Continuing

Vickie Stima - Continuing


Craig Clever - 1 year

Mark Olivieri - 1 year


Nick Carroll - Continuing


Terri Haeseker - Continuing

Lynn Sherman - Continuing


Celia Anderson - Continuing

Ray Cunningham - Continuing

Margaret Garber - Continuing

Janet Griffeth - Continuing

Terri Haeseker - Continuing

Justin Smith - 2 year

Summer Employment: Approved the following summer employees to assist the

Maintenance Department with the care and upkeep of our buildings and grounds and to

assist the Technology Department:

Zac Banks (new) - Maintenance

Jennifer Rhoades (new) - Maintenance

Alex Boyd - Maintenance

Ashley Hershner - Maintenance

David McCarther - Technology Department

Ian Jones - Technology Department

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Stoner, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Whitney------5

Nay: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

Motion adopted.


24-10 Motion by Mr. Heck, seconded Mrs. Wilson to approve the following:

Tuition Students: Approve the following tuition students for the 2010-2011 school year:

Grace Sarbach - Continuing, Grade 1, Western (per negotiated contract

following teaching parent)

Kasey Davis - New, Kindergarten, Western

Jacob & Conner McCammon New, Kindergarten (per negotiated contract following

teaching parent)


Regular Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Substitute Pay Schedule: Approve the Lexington & the complete substitute lists dated

3/30/10 and as presented by MOESC.

Substitute Teacher - $70.00 per day

Substitute Aide - Step 0 of the Educational Aide Salary Schedule

Substitute Bus Driver - Step 0 of the Bus Driver’s Salary Schedule

Substitute Custodian - Step 0 of the Custodian Salary Schedule

Substitute Maintenance - Step 0 of Maintenance Salary Schedule

Substitute Mechanic - Step 0 of Mechanic Salary Schedule

Substitute Cafeteria Worker $7.30/hour

Substitute Treasurer’s

Office Clerk - Step 0 of Treasurer’s Clerk Salary Schedule

Power Reading Tutor - $23.00/hour

Homebound Tutor - $14.14/hour

Bus Washer - $9.00/hour

Office Help – Bus Garage $7.30/hour (not to be included in overtime

calculations for drivers/aides)

Request to adopt a resolution with Metropolitan Educational Council (MEC) for

participation in the advertising and receiving of bus bids.

Renew membership with the Mansfield-Richland Area Chamber of Commerce for the

period of May 1, 2010 through April 20, 2011 at a cost of $135.

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Heck, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney -------5

Nay: None ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---0

Motion adopted.

Discussion: Employment of Mike Ziegelhofer as Superintendent of Schools effective

June 2, 2010 and Elaine Clapper as high School art teacher effective September 1, 2010.

Student Allergy Policy: Review draft copy of Student Allergy Policy for approval at

May 17th Board meeting.


25-10 Motion by Mr. Heck, seconded by Mr. Stoner to adjourn. 8:57 p.m.

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Whitney------5

Nay: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

Motion adopted.