Regular Meeting
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
7:00 p.m.

The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the Robert H. Whitney Board of Education Meeting Room at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.  Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to order. Roll was called by the Treasurer.

Roll Call – Members present: Mr. Keith Stoner, Dr. Martin Gottsdchling, Mr. Dave Roberts, Mr. Rob Schuster, Mr. Robert Whitney --- 5



The Board recognized students throughout the District as recipients of the Overcomer Award as they have overcome a variety of situations in their lives to grow and succeed despite any of the circumstances they have faced along the way. These students were recognized by their respective teachers and included the following:

 Central Elementary

Ron G., Anthony O., and Emma H.

 Western Elementary

Charlotte and Braxton

 Eastern Elementary

Preston A., Tommie S., Xander, JJ, and Brooklyn

 Junior High

Addison D.

 High School

Brooklyn M., Noah S., and Ariana M.


Visitor John Oscar shared a letter with the Board thanking Central Elementary 3rd grade teacher, Jillian Noblet, for going above and beyond to help his son during Mr. Oscar's deployment to Kuwait. Mr. Oscar shared that Mrs. Noblet, whose husband was also deployed with the same unit, was instrumental in comforting his son and alleviating concerns of the family during his deployment. Mr. Oscar shared various actions taken by Mrs. Noblet, including setting an additional clock in the room to Kuwait time as the class learned about time zones and encouraging his son with a poster of his favorite wrestler. Mr. Oscar shared that he appreciated the fact theat Mrs. Noblet challenged his son and didn't allow him to use the deployment as an excuse to not dohis best, despite the difficult circumstances.

Mr. Whitney welcome everyone to the meeting and asked if any visitors would like to be recognized to address the Board.

Student Representative Rhiannon Miller provided an update regarding various activities, throughout the District, including the following:

a. Seniors wrapped up their final days with Senior Spirit Week; American Day (Monday), Tourist Day (Tuesday), Senior Day (Wednesday), Throwback Day (Thursday), College Day (Friday). The seniors last official day was May 17th, which was also the Senior Cook Out;

b. Seniors had graduation practice on Monday, May 20th, and will graduate on Sunday, May 30th.

c. National Honors Society hosted the Special Olympics and had a great turn out;

d. Student Council is spending this week focusing on mental health awareness and many other clubs are teaming up to spread the awareness and many other clubs are teaming up to spread the awareness;

e. Juniors will be dressing up for Gatsby Day on Thursday for their English classes;

f. Congratulations to Kyle J ad Alex G as both were District Track Champions. Kyle won the 1,600 and 800 meter and Alex won the 100 and 20 meter, setting two new school records;

g. Congratulations to Joanna H and Halle H as both were District Track Champions. Joanna won the 1,600 meter and Halle won the 3,200 meter, setting a new stadium record. Also congratulations to the girlss 4 x 800 meter relay team of Halle H., Lily W., Tessa G., and Joanna H, who were District Track Champions, setting a new stadium record.


25-19  Motion by Mr. Roberts, seconded by Mr. Schuster to approve the following financial items:

1. The minutes from the April regular meeting and April special meeting were approved.

2. The monthly financial report for April 2019 was presented.

3. Approved 5-year Financial Forecast for FY 19 through FY 23.

4. Accepted the donation from School Specialty of two (2) cafeteria tables valued at $1,000 and one (1) paper cutter valued at approximately $400.


Roll Call – Yea:   Mr. Roberts, Mr. Schuster, Dr. Gottschling, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney ----5

    Nay:  None --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

                  Motion adopted.  


26-19  Motion by Mr. Schuster, seconded by Mr. Stoner to approve the following personnel items:


Resignation: Accepted the resignation of:

 Jessica Houseman - Junior high intervention specialist, effective at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year

 Stacy Davis - Mock Trial advisor, effective 2019-2020 school year

 John Watkins - Leadership Council advisor, effective 2019-2020 school year

 Anne Mutti - Power of the Pen co-advisor, effective May 31, 2019

 Rachel Frantz - Power of the Pen co-advisor, effective May 31, 2019

Employment: Approved the employment of the following:

Gretchen Winner - Central Elementary, part-time Title I teacher, 2019-2020 school year, one year contract, effective August 19, 2019

Nathaniel Reiss - High School Spanish, 2019-2020 school year, one year contract, effective August 19, 2019

James Masi - Assistant Principal, High School, two-year contract per administrative salary scale, effective August 1, 2019

Salary Adjustments: Approved the salary adjustment for JIllian Noblet from BS +20 to ME.

Teaching/Extended Service Contracts:  Approved the following for teaching/extended service contracts for 2019-2020:

Three Year Limited

Jessica Bright - Kevin Morrow

Pam Conover - Holly Rice

Roxanne Drueschler - Matthew Roggio

Valerie Fraizer - Richard Ruth

Sally Giefer - Rebecca Sarbach

Mary Haas - Tim Scheid

Julie Lamp - Michael Schwechheimer

Kristen McPeek - Dianne Wheaton

Two Year Limited

Alyssa Crist - Katie Rogers

Jonathan Davis - Katherine Spencer

Rachel Frantz - Mark Hoover

One Year Limited

Carolee Balliet - Trisha Hughes

Ryan Bastian - Heather Kapustar

Jennifer Brane - Trisha Kist

Lindsey Brokaw - Summer Lamp

Sally Giefer - Rebecca Sarbach

Ashton Cannon - Leslie Miller

Molly Clark - Jennifer Moore

Kelly Dove - Jillian Noblet

Michelle Dreibelbis - Amy North

Theresa Duffey (retire/rehire) - Tina Parr

Kayla Duryea - Jacob Poiner

Kelli Dyer - Vincent Sansalone

Karen Freeman - Ashley Smith

Peter Henkels - Rick Stephens (retire/rehire)

Howard Hoffman - Melanie Stilson

Jennifer Hooper - Shelby Swart

Zakary Wilkins

Continuing Contract

Stephanie Coffman  - Amy Parker

Extended Service

Carolee Balliett - Guidance

Karen Freeman - Guidance

Jennifer Law - Guidance

Kristen McPeek - Guidance

Leslie Miller - Guidance

Emily Patterson - Librarian

Supplemental Contracts:  Approved the following supplemental contracts for 2019-2020:

Rebecca Bigley - Student Council advisor - Prom Advisor - Jr. Class Advisor

David Clark - Assistant Marching Band Director

Stephen Domka - Co-ass't instrumental music director, Instrumental music director (musical)

Kayla Duryea - National Honor Society

Diane Eifrid - Senior Class advisor

Karen Freeman - IAT co-chairperson

Sally Giefer - Academic challenge co-advisor, Informed Teens co-advisor

Peter Henkels - Choir Director, Musical Director, Auditorium Stage Manager

Jeni Houston - Yearbook advisor

Mike Kathrein - Newspaper advisor

Ryan Knuckles - LEOS Club advisor

Suzy McBride - Informed Teens co-advisor

Kristen McPeek - IAT co-chairperson

Jennifer Moore - Key Club advisor

Deb Ray - MFE Coordinator

Rick Ruth - Ass't marching band director, Co-ass't instrumental music director

Sara Thorburn - High school Yearkbook advisor, Academic Challenge co-advisor

Zak Wilkins - Marching Band Director, Instrumental Music Director

Hannah Wise - Color Guard advisor, Winter Guard advisor

Ryan Zahn - Math Club advisor

OPEN - Mock Trial

OPEN - Leadership Council advisor

Darla Baker - Yearbook; Student Council co-advisor

Jen Berry - Math Counts

Mike Kathrein - Newspaper advisor

Linda Collins - Robotics Club

Stephen Domka - Jr. High Orchestra

Michelle Gilbert - Student Coundil co-advisor

Jen Law - CACY co-advisor, IAT chairperson, Academic Challenge co-advisor

Tommy Roseberry - Spelling Bee

Brittany Siringer - CACY co-advisor, MFE Chairperson

OPEN - Power of Pen co-advisor

Jennifer Berry - Academic Challenger - 5th & 6th grade, Math Counts, Spelling Bee

Amy Cleland - Bus Supervisor (AM)

Katie Guy - Student Council (co-advisor)

Marsha Haas - IAT co-chair, Academic Challenge - 4th grade

Cheryl Longnecker - IAT co-chair, MFE (ETR)

Katie Rogers - Student Council (co-advisor)

Rhonda Tittle - Bus Supervisor (AM), Robotics Club

Carolee Balliett - Academic Challenge - 4th grade, IAT Chair

Stephanie Blackstone - Bus Supervisor (PM)

Tom Brownell - Bus Supervisor (AM)

Tina Parr - MFE (ETR)

Jamie Chambers - MFE (ETR)

Kelli Dyer - Bus Supervisor

Leslie Miller - IAT Chair

Sandy Deluca - Pre-K MFE (ETR)


Employment: Approved the employment of the following classified personnel:

 Cindy Shasky - Calling of substitutes at Western for the 2019-2020 school year

 Kaitlyn Reiss - Substitute educational aide, effective May 6 - May 30, 2019 at current Renhill rate $11.51 per hour

 Lisa Sands - Food Service Sub - effective, May 13, 2019

 Renee Caugherty - Food Service Sub - effective, May 9, 2019

 Kayla Danko -  Substitute educational aide, effective May 24, 2019

Non-Certified Contracts:  Approved contracts for classified employees for 2019-2020:


Christy Anthony - Continuing

Kim Earick - Continuing

Kyrstin Kentosh - 2 year

Heather Noland - 2 year

Lisa Pfizenmayer - 2 year

Jeni Reamsnider - Continuing

Liz Savka - Continuing


Melissa Lewis - 2 year


Craig Clever - 1 year

Carl Carrington - Continuing


Sherri Johnston - Continuing

Debbie Wisenbarger - 1 year


Lora Hamilton - Continuing

Sharon Jones - 2 year

Larry Lieb - 2 year

Cynthia Patrick - 1 year

Adam Smith - 2 year

Amy Tallman - Continuing

Cheryl Wilson - 1 year


Kathy Schwechheimer - 1 year


Linda Volz - 1 year


Deb Ray - 1 year

Coaching Recommendation: Approved the coaching recommendations for 2019-2020 school year as listed:

Jeff Stricker- Varsity assistant football

Jeff Soliday -  Varsity assistant football

Aaron Brokaw- Varsity assistant football

Andrew Heath - Varsity assistant football

Ryan Oliver - Freshman football

Greg Smith - Varsity boys' golf

Matt Hill - JV boys' golf

Mike Kathrein- Varsity girls' golf

Kevin Morrow- JV girls' golf

Pete Them - Varsity boys' soccer

Scott Potter - JV boys' soccer

Buck Morton - Varsity girls' soccer

Alyssa Crist - JV girls' soccer

Macy Robertson - Freshman girls' soccer

Ron Schaub - Varsity girls' tennis

Ron Schaub - Varsity boys' tennis

Denise Benson - Varsity cross country

Anne Petrie - JV girls' cross country

Austin Javurek - JV boys' cross country

Alicia Bailey - Freshman cheerleading

Scott Hamilton - Basketball head coach

Tad Davis - JV boys' basketball

Connie Doutt - JV girls' basketball

Heidi Roush - Freshman girls' basketball

Brock Spurling - Varsity swim

Rob Roth - Assistant swim (diving)

Jeff Meyer - Varsity wrestling

Gabe Benjamin - JV wrestling

Roger Long - Varsity bowling

Emily Patterson - Weight Strength (two sessions Feb-Apr & May-July)


Jeff Meyer - 7th grade football

Mark Hoover - 7th grade football

Gabe Benjamin - 8th grade football

Vincent Sansalone - 8th grade football

Ralph Baker - Cross Country

Allie Hostetler - Cross Country

Michelle Smith - 8th grade volleyball

Janelle Wyant - 7th grade volleyball

Buck Morton - 8th grade boys' basketball

Jay Schmidt - 7th grade girls' basketball

Laurie Whitman - 8th grade girls' basketball

Mason Hoskins - Junior High wrestling

Ryan Oliver - Junior High wrestling

Lora Hamilton - Junior High co-cheerleading

Cindy Ogle - Junior High co-cheerleading


Mike Wellin - Assistant football

Ryan Knuckles - Assistant football

Chris Parker - Boys' soccer

Rob Michels - Girls' and Boys' tennis

Jake Shramko - Cross Country

Phil Leineweber - Cross Country

Jay Guth - Boys' basketball

Zach Sterry - Boys' basketball

Alyssa Munro - Girls' basketball

Dave Smith - Wrestling

Jason Whitesel - Bowling

Jeff Stehle - Bowling


John Harris


Jay Schmidt

Other Business:  

Class of 2019: Approved the graduation class of 2019 pending successful completion of all graduation requirements.

Diplomas: Approved Mike Kathrein as the staff member handing out diplomas at graduation as voted on by the senior class.

Student Representative: Approved Ben Hoffman as the 2019-2020 student Board Representative

Tuition Students: Approved the following as tuition students for the 2019-2020 school year

Bronson Brown - Continuing, 3rd grade

Joseph (Joey) Caudill - New, grade 6

Athletic Summer Help: Approved Haley Potter, to work with the Athletic Office this summer beginning approximately May 31, 2019.

Technology Department Summer Help: Approved Emmaline Deyarmon, Kayla Lynsky and Ava Yard to work with the Technology Department this summer from approximately May 31 - August 21, 2019.

Maintenance Truck: Approved the purchasing, using Permanent Improvement Funds, of a maintenance truck from Fredericktown Chevrolet at a cost of $45,435.50.

Substitute Pay Schedule: Approved the substitute pay schedule for 2019-2020:

Substitute Teacher - $80.00 per day

Long-term Substitute Teacher - $110.00 per day

Substitute Aide - $10.50 per hour

Substitute Bus Driver - $15.69 per hour

Substitute Custodian - $13.00 per hour

Substitute Maintenance - $14.50 per hour

Substitute Mechanic - $14.50 per hour

Substitute Cafeteria Worker - Minimum wage

Power Reading Mentor - $23.00 per hour

Academic Mentor - $20.00 per hour

Bus Washer - $9.00 per hour

Class Coverage - BS Step 0 per diem class period rate

Summer Help - $9.25 per hour

Athletic Offic Assistant - $15.00 per hour

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Schuster, Mr. Stoner, Dr. Gottschling, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Whitney -------5

                  Nay: None -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

                  Motion adopted.         



      27-19   Motion by Dr. Gottschling, seconded by Mr. Roberts to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing and negotiations.

          Roll Call –  Yea:  Dr. Gottschling, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Schuster, Mr. Whitney ----- 5

Nay: None --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0

             Motion adopted.  

Time Entered –  8:59 p.m.

Returned to regular session –  9:19 p.m.


Discussion Items

       1. Tuition - The Board discussed the current District tuition costs and policy for students residing outside of the District.

2. Building Project Update - Mr. Ziegelhofer provided the Board with an update on the status of the building project, including approvals obtained by OFCC and the Controlling Board to proceed with the ELPP program as well as the upcoming meeting with Moody's to obtain our District bond rating.



28-19 Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Schuster to adjourn.                                               9:52 p.m.       

             Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Stoner, Mr. Schuster, Dr. Gottschling, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Whitney----5

                               Nay: None -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0

          Motion adopted.

Certificate Section 5705.412, Ohio Revised Code

It is hereby certified that the Lexington Local School District Board of Education, Richland County, Ohio, has sufficient funds to meet the contract agreement, obligation, payment or expenditure for the above, and has in effect for the remainder of the fiscal year and succeeding fiscal year the authorization to levy taxes which, when combined with the estimated revenue from all other sources available to the district at the time of certification, are sufficient to provide operating revenues necessary to enable the district to operate an adequate educational program on all days set forth in its adopted school calendar for the current fiscal year and for a number of days in the succeeding fiscal year equal to the number of days instruction was or is scheduled for the current fiscal year.                                                                               



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