Regular Meeting
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
7:00 p.m.

The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the Robert H. Whitney Board of Education Meeting Room at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to order. Roll was called by the Treasurer. 

Roll Call – Members present: Mr. Jeff Heck, Mr. Rob Schuster, Mr. Keith Stoner, Mrs. Sue Weirich, Mr. Robert Whitney -------5



                         Mr. Whitney welcomed visitors to the meeting and asked if any visitors would like to be recognized. Mr. Whitney introduced members of the Board and administration as well as the Board's new Student Representative Abigail Vincent. 

Gabriella Morando gave a presentation to the Board regarding the District's online curriculum program.  Gabriella discussed with the Board the pros and cons of teh program based on her experience, and provided the Board with suggestions for future improvements.  Mr. Ziegelhofer indicated that meetings woudl take place the following day to discuss Gabriella's feedback and to work on instituting improvements wherever possible. The Board thanked Gabriella for her willingness to share her experiences and insights of the program with the Board

Student Representative Abigail Vincent provided an update regarding District activities, including the recent band contest, upcoming Festival of Champions, fall athletics, Key Club, National Honor Society, Informed Teens, fundraising efforts for huricane victims, Student Council, Academic Challenge, Chess Club, Homecoming, recent and upcoming field trips to Ohio Health and local manufacturers, Club Fair, and the upcoming Blood Drive. 

Mr. Whitney discussed and made various publications available, including the 2017-2018 OHSAA Handbook.


55-17   Motion by made Mr. Heck, seconded by Mrs. Weirich to approve the following financial items:

1. The minutes from the August regular and September special meeting were approved.

2. The monthly financial report for August 2017 was presented.

3. Approved permanent appropriations for Fiscal Year 2018 at fund level.

4. Accepted a donation from Therm-O-Disc/Emerson Charitable Trust in the amount of $1,000 for student academic and cultural activities.

5. Accepted a donation from School Specialty of two Experia USA Aurora LED Projectors for Eastern and Western Elementary valued at $1,378.64 each.

       Roll Call – Yea:  Mr. Heck, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Schuster, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney-----5

         Nay: None -------------------------------------------------------------------0 

      Motion adopted.  


56-17 Motion by Mr. Schuster, seconded by Mr. Stonerr to approve the following personnel items:


Maternity Leave:  Approved the maternity leave request for Trisha Kist, Western, from approximately November 27, 2017 - January 26, 2018.

Resignation:  Approved the resignation of the following for the 2017-2018 school year:

Emily Santamaria - High School Prom co-advisor

Rebecca Bigley - High School Prom co-advisor

Rachel Frantz - Junior High Power of Pen advisor

Employment:  Approved the employment of the following personnel for the 2017-2018 school year:

Jennifer Morris - Elemtary academic mentor, 3 hours per week

Rachel Frantz - Junior High Power of the Pen co-advisor

Anne Mutti - Junior High Power of the Pen co-advisor

Rebecca Bigley - Prom advisor

Jordan Monica - Substitute teacher

Don Snyder - Long term sub, Art, effective September 18 - approximately January 2, 2018, $110.00 per day

Salary Adjustment:  Approved the salary adjustment for

Melissa Hassmann - ME+30 to ME+40 (effective 8-23-17)

Grant Weaver - ME +20 to ME +30

Roxanne Drueschler - ME to ME =10

Heather Remy - ME +20 to ME +30 (effective 8-23-17)

Sara Thorburn - MA +10 to MA +20


Resignation:  Approved the resignation of Krystin Kentosh, sub calling at Western Elementary for the 2017-2018 school year.

Employment - Approved the recommendation to employ the following:

Delmon Rose - Pre-school bus aide, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday, one year contract, effective August 22, 2017

Cindy Shasky - Western, sub-calling for the 2017-2018 school year

Krystin Kentosh - ESL tutor for 2017-2018 school year

Sandra Kautz - Educational aide substitute, pending successful completion of all pre-employment requirements.

Other Business:  

Administrative Team Contract: Approve the three-year contract with the Administriative/team/those in non-union positions effective retroactively to August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2020 per enclosure.

Public Records Training: Approved Treasurer Jason Whitesel as the designee on behalf of the Board for the Auditor of State public records training.

Substitute Bus Drive Wage:  Approved an increase to the substitute bus driver wage to the starting base rate for bus drivers at step 0 as listed in the new contract.

Coaching Recommendations:  Approved the coaching recommendations for the 2017-2018 school year:

Kevin Morrow - 7th grade boys' basketball

Buck Morton - 8th grade boys' basketball

Gabe Benjamin - Junior High Wrestling

Ryan Oliver - Junior High Wrestling

Tad Davis - JV boys' basketball

Julie Studer - Freshman girls' basketball

Kayla Heimann - Assistant swim coach

Athletic Program Coordinator:  Approved Jay Schmidt as the Athletic Department Program Advertising Sales Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year

Athletic Handbook: Approved the 2017-2018 Athletic Handbook.

In Lieu of Transporation:  Approve payment for "In Lieu of Transportation" for Lexington students attending Discovery School, St. Joseph's Catholic School, Gilead Christian and Foundation Academy for the 2017-2018 school year.

Board Policy Updates:  Approved proposed Board policy updates form the Pepple/Waggoner Law Firm.  These updates reflect legislation. Policy 6.09 Student Absences & Excuses; 6.10 Habitual Truancy Intervention Strategies; 6.16 Graduation/Diploma Requirements; 6.21 Code of Student Conduct; 6.35 Administering Medication to Students; 6.49 Diabetes Care; 6.50 CPR & AED Training; 7.04 Promotion, Placement & Retention; 7.07 Academic Prevention/Intervention; 7.16 College Credit Plus; 7.21 Interscholastic Athletics; 7.31 Career Advising; 10.28 Eligibility for Free or Reduced Price Meals or Free Milk; 10.31 Student Meal Charges.

          Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Schuster, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Whitney----5

                            Nay: None -----------------------------------------------------0

             Motion adopted.  


1.  Building Project - Mr. Whitney discussed the importance of getting input from teachers, Food Service, Transportation, and Maintenance personnel regarding what they'd like to see in any potential new facilities for the District. Mr. Ziegelhofer indicated that this is certainly part of the the process and on the schedule developed by TDA, the District's pre-bond architectural firm. Mr. Ziegelhofer indicated that once land surveys are assesed, and the District has a better idea of options based on currently owned land, meetings will be held to gather input from the community and staff.

2.  Online Curriculum - Teacher Pat Cannon asked the Board if the District's online curriculum can be used for students with anxiety or other health issues.  Mr. Ziegelhofer shared that the program is designed to be useful and flexible for a variety of student needs, including various health issues, credit recovery, specific work conflicts and student with other potential time constraints due to their involvement in other activities outside of the school setting. Department teachers also review and sign off on the syllabus to ensure appropriate material and rigor is included within the program. The District has had a total of 20 students over the past two years who have earned their diploma as a direct result of the District's online program.


57-17 Motion by Mr. Stoner seconded by Mr. Heck to adjourn.                                                8:18 p.m.       

             Roll Call –   Yea:  Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mr. Schuster,  Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Whitney----5

                               Nay: None ----------------------------------------------------------0

          Motion adopted.

Certificate Section 5705.412, Ohio Revised Code

It is hereby certified that the Lexington Local School District Board of Education, Richland County, Ohio, has sufficient funds to meet the contract agreement, obligation, payment or expenditure for the above, and has in effect for the remainder of the fiscal year and succeeding fiscal year the authorization to levy taxes which, when combined with the estimated revenue from all other sources available to the district at the time of certification, are sufficient to provide operating revenues necessary to enable the district to operate an adequate educational program on all days set forth in its adopted school calendar for the current fiscal year and for a number of days in the succeeding fiscal year equal to the number of days instruction was or is scheduled for the current fiscal year.                                                                               



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