Regular Meeting

September 17, 2014

7:00 PM  

The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the boardroom at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to order. Roll was called by the Treasurer.  

Roll Call – Members present: Mr. Loren Blackstone, Mr. Jeff Heck, Mr. Keith Stoner, Mrs. Sue Weirich, Mr. Robert Whitney -------5 


Mr. Whitney welcomed visitors to the meeting.

Joel Nirmalnath gave the student update, including athletics, leadership retreat, start of school,

special education support award, band performance and Festival of Champions,

choir, homecoming, test prep seminar for SAT and ACT,

PSAT for juniors and tutoring for OGT.

Additionally, Joel provided information regarding the Red Cross blood drive on October 21st.


62-14   Motion by Mr. Heck, seconded by Mrs. Weirich to approve the following financial items:

               1. The minutes from the August regular meeting were approved.

               2. The monthly financial report for August 2014 was presented.

3. Approved permanent appropriations for Fiscal Year 2015 at the fund level.

4. Approved Medicaid Cost Report Agreed Upon Procedures to be performed by Julian & Grube, Inc. for the periods July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 and July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code.   

           Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Heck, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney--------5

               Nay: None --------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 

          Motion adopted 


59-14   Motion by Mr. Stoner seconded by Mr. Blackstone, to approve the following personnel items:


           Salary Adjustments: Approved the following salary adjustments:

              Marissa Burd - BA to BA +10

              Eric Turlo - ME +20 to ME +30

   Employment: Approved the employment of the following:

                     Heather Dillon - OGT Tutor, September 29 - October 31, 2014

                     Lou Tommelleo - High School Substitute, 2014-2015 school year, $100.00 per day, effective 09/02/2014

Maternity Leave: Approved the maternity leave for Brittany Siringer, Junior High, beginning approximately October 13, 2014 through March 20, 2015.     


            Resignation: Accepted the resignation of Mark Olivieri, Maintenance Director, effective September 3, 2014.

            Employment: Approved the employment of the following personnel:

Elijah Miller - High School 2nd shift custodian, effective 8/27/14, one year contract

Rhonda Miller - Transportation bus aide, effective 9/2/14, one year contract

Hillary Scheiber - Junior High Student Council co-advisor, for 2014-2015 school year 

Jennifer Reamsnider - Substitute education aide, pending successful completion of all pre-employment requirements

Rachel Kastran - Substitute education aide, pending successful completion of all pre-employment requirements    

Roy Rogers - Substitute bus driver, effective 8/26/14

Patty Scott - ADjust salary schedule from Elementary Kitchen Supervisor to High School/Junior High Supervisor, effective 2014-2015 school year

Jared Hallmann - Extended summer help with the grounds care and upkeep, pending successful completion of all pre-employment requirements

Other Business:  

       Tuition Students: Accepted the following students for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year:

                              Alanys (Princess) Hooper - Waived tuition for senior year per Board policy pertaining to a senior whose parent moves out of the district

                              Taylor Howell - Waived tuition due to her personal/family situation

        Nursing Services - Approved the nursing services of Shannon Boeshart as a full-time RN, Western Elementary, at the hourly rate on her contract for the 2014-2015 school year.        

In Lieu of Transportation: Approved payment for “In Lieu of Transportation” for Lexington students attending Discovery School & kindergarten students (1/2 payment) at Mansfield Christian  School for the 2014-2015 school year.  (Mr. Heck asked about the amount for "In Lieu of Transportation" payments.  Mr. Ziegelhofer noted that this amount is set by the State each year.)

  Substitute Lists: Approved the revised Lexington substitute lists and the complete substitute lists dated 08/25/14 and 9/9/14 as presented by MOESC. 

Miss Lexington Pageant - Approved to waive the charge for the use of the High School Auditorium for the Miss Lexington Pageant scheduled for April 11, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Stoner, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Whitney------------5 

                            Nay: None -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------0  

            Motion adopted 

Discussion Items 

Calamity Day Make-Up Policy - Mr. Ziegelhofer discussed the fact that the State changed from days to hours, and Lexington Local Schools is significantly over the state minimum. The State requires school districts to make up days for any amount of missed days that cuts into minimum.  For those districts above the State Minimum, it is now up to the school boards to determine the number of days waived, if any, prior to making up days. Mr. Ziegelhofer noted the need to determine a policy prior to the winter and for the Board to take this under consideration for the October Board meeting. Mr. Ziegelhofer noted he would provide sample policies prior to the October Baord meeting.   

Food Service - Consolidation of kitchens and transporting of food is going well. New truck is expected prior to the end of the month; loaner truck currently being used.

Honor Roll of Militiary Service - Mr. Whitney shared the plaque that will be displayed of those former Lexington students who lost their lives serving in our military.      


 64-14   Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Heck to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing and negotiations. 

             Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Stoner, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mr. Whitney----------5 

                             Nay: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 

             Motion adopted.

     Time entered: 7:33 p.m

     Returned to regular session: 8:55 p.m.   

Discussion Items:

The Board discussed the status of the loan for the indoor athletic facility and options for possible future recognition of the athletic boosters for their efforts.

The Board discussed a letter from Pioneer Joint Vocational School requesting local boards to support their replacement levy.

The Board discussed moisture and related damage noted at Western.  Mr. Whitney requested Mr. Ziegelhofer have maintenance look into these issues.  


      65-14 Motion by Mr. Blackstone, seconded by Mr. Stoner to adjourn.                                   9:10 p.m 

               Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Weirich, Mr. Whitney ---------5  

                               Nay: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0  

            Motion adopted.