Regular Meeting
March 20, 2013
7:00 P.M.

The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the boardroom at 7:10 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20, 2013.  Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to order.  Roll was called by the Treasurer. 

             Roll Call – Members present:  Mr. Loren Blackstone, Mr. Jeff Heck, Mr. Keith Stoner, Mrs. Karen Wilson, Mr. Robert Whitney ------------5


          Mr. Whitney congratulated Kate Cropp and the Swim Team for an outstanding season.

Kate Cropp, Student Representative, presented the report to the Board which outlined student activities that included a sports

update for boys’ and girls’ basketball, wrestling State qualifiers and champions, swimming State qualifiers and champions,

and the start of spring sports.  Kate added that the Band and Choir recently competed at disrict – earning top awards

and that the seniors are preparing for the talent show and graduation.

            Mr. Whitney shared correspondence and publications, including a letter from the Ohio Department of Education

regarding the Statewide Audit of Student Attendance Data.



19-13  Motion by Mrs. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Stoner to approve the following financial items:             

1.    The minutes from the February special & regular meetings were approved.             

2.    The monthly financial report for February 2013 was presented.

3.    Accepted the following donations:  

$3,000 donation from the Athletic Boosters to the Athletic Department          

$1,000 donation from Heartland Church          

Two mini iPads from the High School Key Club to the MH class at Eastern & Western

4.    Approved Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor” for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2013.

Roll Call – Yea: Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Whitney----5         

  Nay: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------0                                     

Motion adopted.


20-13  Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Heck to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public  employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless the public employee, official,  licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing and negotiations.

            Roll Call – Yea:  Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Whitney------5        

                      Nay:  None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0         

     Motion adopted.

Time entered:  7:31 p.m.  

Returned to regular session:  8:22 p.m.


21-13   Motion by Mr. Heck seconded by Mr. Stoner, to approve the following personnel items:


Leave of Absence/Retirement:  Approved the leave of absence/retirement of:   

Irene Gilbert  - Leave of absence effective 3-14-13 through 5-31-13, retirement effective 6-1-13. Eligible for $250.00                                                  stipend for notification by 1-31-13

Employment:  Approved the employment of the following personnel:   

Levi Mowry  - Technology Director, effective 5-6-13 for the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year, two-year contract effective 8-1-13, per enclosure   

Mallory Westerheide - Western Elementary before/after school tutor from 1-22-13 thru 4-11-13 @ $20.00 per hour   

Kelly Kapucinski - Eastern Elementary before/after school tutor from 1-22-13 thru 4-11-13 @ $20.00 per hour   

Danielle Merritt  - Long-term sub, Eastern Art, 3-4-13 thru end of school year, $100.00 per day

Extended Time:  Approved 10 extended time days to transition into their new roles for:   

Joy Bowman  - K-6 Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Director, first year of contract only, June 2013   

Tucker Bacquet  - 7-12 Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Director, first year of contract only, June 2013   

Joe Roberts  - Athletic/Activities Director, June 2013 only

Administrative Contracts:  Approved the following administrative contracts:   

Kathy Weidig  - Central Elementary Principal, 1 year   

Brent Rastetter  - Junior High Dean of Students, 3 year   

Kevin Young  - High School Assistant Principal, 3 year

Classified: Employment:  Approved the employment of the following pending successful completion of all pre-employment requirements:   

Rick Vestal  - Transportation, 4 hour bus driver, contract through end of 2012-2013 school year, effective 3-1-13   

Buddy Essick  - Custodian, 2nd shirt, Junior High, contract through end of 2012-2013 school year, effective 3-11-13   

Barb Meadows  - Tutor for Junior High student, 5 hours per week, $20.00 per hour, effective 3-18-13

Summer Employees:  Approved the employment of Jessika Volz, Elizabeth Volz, Isaac Banks and Aaron Long as summer employees to assist the Maintenance Department with the care and upkeep of our buildings and grounds and Brayson Ramirez and Nick Chirico to work with the Technology Department.


Coaching Resignations:  Approved the resignation of the following coaches:    

Amy Stewart  - Junior High cheerleading    

April (Kaufman) Wolcott Varsity/JV cheerleading, effective 5-1-13    

Cheryl Longnecker - JV girls’ golf       

Daryl Udhe  - Varsity girls’ basketball

Coaching Recommendations:  Approved the following recommendations for spring coaches:   

Becca Hile  - JV/Varsity/Competitive cheerleading   

Pete Them  - Varsity boys’ soccer

Tuition Students:  Approved the tuition students for the 2013-2014 school year:   

Serenity Perry  - New, Kindergarten, Western Elementary   

Gabriella Morando - New, Grade 6, Eastern Elementary   

Vincent Morando - New, Grade 5, Eastern Elementary   

Sylvia Taylor  - New, Grade 6, Eastern Elementary

Front & Center Turf:  Approved the contract with Front & Center Turf to maintain the football, soccer and baseball fields.  Cost is $9,500.00

Substitute List:  Approve the Lexington substitute list & the complete substitute lists dated 3/15/13 as presented by MOESC

Approved the MedCentral head injury/concussion training proposal.

Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Whitney -------5                    

 Nay: None --------------------------------------------------------------------------------0        

Motion adopted.


1.  The Board discussed the building/facility use policy including the new athletic complex.  Mr. Blackstone expressed a desire that the policy be applied consistently to all applicants wanting to use the athletic facilities.  The Superintendent will put some guidelines together for the Board’s review in April.    

2.  The Superintendent stated that the Village of Lexington has acquired buildings on Mill Street.  The Village has offered one of the buildings for the school district to lease for $1.00 per year under the condition that the school pay for repairs, utilities, etc.  The district is in need of a maintenance building and storage facility.  The district will investigate costs plus cost out constructing a new building.

3.  The Treasurer asked the Board if it wished to join OSBA for the calendar year 2013.  The annual dues are $5,247.00



22-13   Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Heck for approval to join OSBA for calendar year 2013.

             Roll Call – Yea:  Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Whitney-----------5        

    Nay:  None -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------0                                

Motion adopted.

John Harris, Athletic Director, stated that Pioneer Manufacturing has recognized  Lexington’s football field as one of the top athletic facilities in the Midwest.

ADJOURNMENT 23-13   Motion by Mrs. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Stoner to adjourn.  - 9:27 p.m.  

Roll Call – Yea:  Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Whitney------5        

  Nay:  None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0        

Motion adopted.