Regular Meeting
February 22, 2012


The Lexington Board of Education met in regular session in the boardroom at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.  Mr. Robert Whitney, President, called the meeting to order.  Roll was called by the Treasurer.

             Roll Call – Members present:  Mr. Loren Blackstone, Mr. Jeff Heck, Mr. Keith Stoner,      Mrs. Karen Wilson, Mr. Robert Whitney  -------------------------------5

                                   VISITORS  /  COMMUNICATIONS  /  RECOGNITION                          

Kaitlyn Swartzmiller, Student representative to the Board was unable to attend meeting,  Mr. Whitney read report.


16-12   Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Heck to approve the following financial items:             

1.    The minutes from the January 9, January 16 & January 25 meetings were approved.             

2.    The monthly financial report for January 2012 was presented.

3.    The Treasurer requested approval of updated appropriations for FY 12.

       Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Whitney----5          Nay: None ---------------------------------------------------------------------0    

Motion adopted.


17-12   Motion by Mr. Blackstone seconded by Mrs. Wilson, to approve the following personnel items:


Retirement:  Accepted the retirement of Cindy Heidlebaugh, Eastern Elementary, effective June 1, 2012.

Resignation:  Accepted the resignation of the following personnel:   

                               Elaine Clapper  - High School art teacher, effective August 23, 2012   

                               Amy Saunders  - Western Elementary, effective March 9, 2012   

                               B.J. Payne  - Jr. High PE, effective February 29, 2012

Maternity Leave:  Approved maternity leave for:   

                              Brittany Siringer - Approximately March 15, 2012 through approximately May 21, 2012   

                              Jennifer Dewald - Approximately March 10, 2012 through end of 2011-2012 school year   

                              Julie Lamp  - 2012-2013 school year   

Employment:  Approved the employment of the following personnel:   

                          Aaron Brokaw  - Long-term sub for Brittany Siringer,  Jr. High, $100.00 per day   

                          Mary Ann Kindred - Long-term sub for Jennifer Dewald, Jr. High, $100.00 per day    

                          Tyson Porter  - Long-term sub for PE, effective  February 29, $100.00    

                          Lindsey Kentosh - Long-term sub, Western Elementary, effective March 1 thru May 31, 2012, $100.00 per day              

Junior High OAA tutors from 1-9-12 thru 4-9-12 @ $20.00 per hour    

Peggy Cohen – 7th grade Math    

Ken Kreis – 8th grade Math    

Teresa Weaver – 8th grade Science    

Tommie Roseberry – 7th & 8th grade Reading                

Western Elementary – OAA tutor, 4.5 hours per day, from 2-6-12 thru 4-19-12 @ $20.00 per hour         

April Ford      

Teresa Weaver      

Jean Griebling


Retirement:  Accept the retirement request of Karen Stiteler, Transportation Department, effective February 29, 2012.

Employment:  Approve the employment of:   

                          Lynn Sherman  - First Cook, High School, effective February 21, 2012   

                         Cecil Potter  - Transportation, 4-hour driver, effective February 29, 2012 for remainder of school yr.

  Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney----5            Nay: None ---------------------------------------------------------------0              

    Motion adopted.


18-12   Motion by Mrs. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Blackstone to approve the following items:

Tuition Student:  Approve the following tuition student for the 2011-2012 school year: Chloe Buchanan - New, effective January 3, 2012

Board Meeting Date Change:  Approved the recommendation to change the Board meeting  date to the Wednesday after the third Monday of each month.

School Calendar:  Approved the school calendar for 2012-2013.

Substitute List:  Approve the Lexington substitute list & the complete substitute list dated 1/24/12 and 2/15/12 as presented by MOESC.

Student Summer Employment:  Permission to employ four (4) summer maintenance employees and two (2) summer employees for help in the technology department.

Committee Appointments:  Tabled until March meeting.

       Roll Call – Yea: Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney -------5        Nay: None --------------------------------------------------------------------0         Motion adopted.


19-12 Motion by Mr. Heck, seconded by Mr. Stoner to continue OSBA Membership for 2012.

      Roll Call – Yea: Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Whitney---------5         Nay:  None -------------------------------------------------------------------0         Motion adopted.


20-12   Motion by Mrs. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Blackstone to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing and negotiations.

      Roll Call – Yea:  Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Heck, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Whitney------5        Nay:  None -----------------------------------------------------------------------0          Motion adopted.

 Time entered:  7:47 p.m.  

Returned to regular session:  8:34 p.m.

Superintendent said next meeting athletic field proposal may be presented from Front & Center Turf.


21-12   Motion by Mr. Stoner, seconded by Mr. Heck to adjourn  8:38 p.m.  Roll Call – Yea:  Mr. Stoner, Mr. Heck, Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Whitney------5        

Nay:  None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0        

Motion adopted.