Regular Meeting

Monday, May 17, 2010

7:00 p.m.


1. Call to Order: The President will call the meeting to order.

2. Communications/Visitors: The President will recognize any visitors to the meeting and

present any communications.

Recognition of invited students and their families.

Elli Stevens, Student representative to the Board will present her report.

Financial Items:

3. Minutes: The President will call for additions or corrections to the April Regular meeting.

4. Financial: The Treasurer will present the monthly financial report for April 2010.

5. Treasurer requests modifications to appropriations as per attached documents.

6. Treasurer requests approval of revised Five Year Financial Forecast for May submission to Ohio

Department of Education.

7. Approve Administrator Salary Schedule.

Motion by __________________, seconded by_________________, to approve items 3 - 5.

8. Executive Session: Motion by ____________________, seconded by ________________,

to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing employment of personnel.

The Board entered into executive session at _________.

The Board returned to open session at ___________.

Personnel Items:


9. Resignation: Approve the resignation of:

Mary Long - Yearbook advisor, effective end of 09-10

school year

Lori Gottfried - Assistant Technology Director/Systems Manager,

effective April 30, 2010

Debra Ray - Elementary assistant technology director,

effective April 30, 2010

10. Salary Adjustment: Approve the salary adjustment of:

Brittany Heffelfinger - BS + 20 to Masters

Jeanna Godby - BS + 10 to BS + 20

11. Employment: Approve the employment of:

Elaine Clapper - High School art teacher, one year contract

effective September 1, 2010

Mike Ziegelhofer - Superintendent, 43 day contract, June 2, 2010

thru July 31, 2010 and a one year contract August

1, 2010 thru July 31, 2011

Troy Smith - Long-term sub, Jr. High, $100.00 day from April

21, 2010 through end of 2009-2010 school year

Lori Gottfried - Technology Director, effective May 3, 2010, per


Debra Ray - Assistant Technology Director, effective May 3,

2010, per enclosure

Kelly Holder - High School summer PE, June 9 – 29, 2010

Dave Kaple - High School summer PE, June 9 – 29, 2010

Bobbi Weaver - High School summer PE, June 9 – 29, 2010

Summer school teachers August 3 - 20, 2010, with a stipend of $1,200.00:

Missy Betscher Dianne Wheaton

Amy Ruffner Michelle Rastetter

Lynn Watterer Annette Rush

Stephanie Saurers Tracey Heck

Deb Lantz Edwina Jellison

Katie Guy Kelly Kapucinski

Michelle Smith Christine Berger

Cheryl Longnecker Christine Pawsey (if needed for ESL)

Kim Olivieri

12. Continuing Contract: Approve the change of a 3 year contract to a continuing contract for:

Sandy Weber - Eastern Elementary, 4th grade

Debbie Collins - Central Elementary, Resource Room

Brittany Heffelfinger - Jr. High, Intervention Specialist


13. Employment: Approve the employment of:

Amy Stewart - Bus supervisor, Western Elementary, 2010-

2011 school year

Brayson Ramirez - Summer help in the Technology Dept.

Motion by _________________, seconded by_________________, to approve personnel item 9 – 13.

Other Business:

14. Coaching Contracts: Recommend the following coaches at the following positions for the

2010–2011 sports seasons:

Brian Lesch - Volunteer assistant boys’ basketball

Daryl Uhde - Head girls’ basketball

Bobbi Weaver - Varsity girls’ volleyball

Dan Studer - Weight/Strength (November-January),

(February-April), (May-July)

Anne Petrie - Varsity assistant cross country

Becky Vargo - Junior High cross country

Aaron Brokaw - Varsity assistant football

Blake Dickson - Varsity assistant football

Mike Hamman - Varsity assistant football

Joshua Hirschman - Varsity assistant football

Tim Scheid - Varsity assistant football

Jeff Strickler - Varsity assistant football

Dan Studer - Varsity assistant football

Jordan Lucal - 9th grade football

Marlon Goolsby - 9th grade football

Tom Brownell - 8th grade football

Howard Hoffman - 8th grade football

John Watkins - 8th grade football

Doug Basham - 7th grade football

Brent Rastetter - 7th grade football

Andrew Heath - 7th grade football

Rolf Whitney - 7th grade football

Troy Eichler - JV boys’ golf

Troy Smith - Assistant varsity boys’ soccer

Pete Them - JV boys’ soccer

Jay Porter - Freshmen boys’ soccer

Phong Wynn - Assistant varsity girls’ soccer

Roxanne Drueschler - JV girls’ soccer

Humberto Rosas - Freshmen girls’ soccer

Rob Michels - Volunteer assistant tennis

Sue Subich - Assistant varsity volleyball

Tiffany Daup - JV volleyball

Whitney Fanello - 9th grade volleyball

Judy Border - 8th grade volleyball

Becky Young - 8th grade volleyball

Kelly Holder - 7th grade volleyball

15. Tuition Student: Accept the following tuition students for the 2010-2011 school year:

Elizabeth Hamler - Continuing, 1st grade, Central Elementary

Colton Pelphrey - Central, kindergarten, (per negotiated agreement

following teaching parent)

Mackenzie Weaver - New, Junior High, 7th grade (per negotiated

Agreement following teaching parent)

Andrew Iten - New, Junior High, 7th grade

16. Substitute Lists: Approve the Lexington & the complete substitute list dated 4/19/10 as presented


17. Roof Bid: Accept the bid of Worner Roofing for roof replacement at the High School, Eastern

Elementary, and Central Elementary at a total cost of $47,956.00 for labor and material.

18. Resolution to approve the Ohio High School Athletic Association membership for the 2010-11

school year.

19. Approve district membership for OSBA for calendar year 2010.

20. Sports Medicine Contract: Approve the Comprehensive Athletic Training Services Contract

for Lexington High School and MedCentral Health System for 2010-2011.

21. Class of 2010: Approve the graduating class of 2010, as presented by Jim Goode.

Motion by __________________, seconded by _____________________, to approve item 13 - 21.

22. Discussion: Employment of Todd Korbas, High School math teacher effective August 27, 2010.

23. Adjournment: Motion by ________________, seconded by _________________, to adjourn.