Special Meeting

Friday, October 30, 2009

7:30 a.m.


1. Call to Order: The President will call the meeting to order.

2. Communications/Visitors: The President will recognize any visitors to the meeting and

present any communications.

3. Contracts: Recommend the Board of Education vote to approve the contracts for the LTA, LSA,

Supervisors/Asst. Supervisors, Board of Education office personnel, Technology Dept. personnel

and Administrators effective September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2011.

4. Waiver Request: Requesting the Lexington Board of Education approval for a waiver request from

the Ohio Department of Education for the MH classrooms at Eastern Elementary and the High School.

We currently have 10 students assigned to each of these classes and Rule 3301-51-09 limits student

enrollment to eight for classes of multiple disabilities. With this request the Board assures that services

will be provided consistent with the requirements under IDEA and the Ohio Operating Standards.

5. Teacher of Record: Approve Howard Linscott, substitute teacher, as the “teacher of record” when

necessary for high school Speech class - $100.00 per day for speech, $70.00 per day for other classes.

Motion by __________________, seconded by _____________________, to approve item 3-5.

6. Adjournment: Motion by ________________, seconded by _________________, to adjourn.