Lexington Board of Education

Regular Meeting

September 26, 2011

7:00 p.m.


1. Call to Order: The President will call the meeting to order.

2. Communications/Visitors:   The President will recognize any visitors to the meeting and
 present any communications.

Kaitlyn Swartzmiller, Student representative to the Board will present her report.

 Financial Items:
3. Minutes:  The President will call for additions or corrections to the August regular meeting.

4.   Financial:  The Treasurer will present the monthly financial report for August 2011.

5.   Final Appropriations for FY 2012 - at FUND level.

6.  Board Policy update for Bullying policy.

7.  Approve agreement with REA & Associates, Inc. for Audit Services for FY 2011.

8.    District management of the newly created Michael P. Willis Memorial Scholarship.

       Motion by __________________, seconded by_________________, to approve items 3 -8.

       Personnel Items:
9.    Salary Adjustment:  Approve the following salary adjustments:
  Cheryl Longnecker - ME + 20 to ME + 30

10.    Resignation:  Accept the resignation of:

Tommie Roseberry - Junior High Pacesetter advisor

Brittany Siringer - Junior High Pacesetter advisor                                                                     

Beckie Vargo  - High School Academic Challenge co-advisor

Anne Petrie  - High School Destination Imagination
11.     Employment:  Approve the employment of the following for the 2011-2012 school year:

Sara Thorburn  - Academic Challenge co-advisor

Michelle Olecki  - High School Library, step 0, one year contract,  effective August 31, 2011
     -       Academic Challenge co-advisor
     -       High School Mock Trial advisor   
   Emily Donahue  - Junior High Power of Pen advisor
   Tracy Montgomery - Long-term sub, $100.00 per day, effective 8/30/11
  Linda Lammon  - Tutor, effective July 19, 2011 for 7 weeks, $25.00 per hour
  Randy Heidlebaugh - Assistant marching band director    

  Laura Pike  - Long-term sub, approximately October 27th  until end of February, 2012, $100.00 per day

12.   Continuing Contract:  Approve a continuing contract for Amy Saunders, 2nd grade, Western

13.   Employment:  Approve the recommendation to hire the following:
   Darlene Bohland  - On Bus Instructor, effective 8/1/11  
   Brenda Kehrle   - On Bus Instructor, effective 8/1/11
   Wendy Baney  - Food service substitute, effective 9/23/11
   Michele Crawley - Food service substitute, effective 9/23/11
   Tina Price  - Food service substitute, effective 9/23/11
   Rebecca Stover  - Food service substitute, effective 9/23/11
   Rosie McDaniel  - Sub bus driver, effective 8/29/11
   Alex Boyd  - Sub custodian, effective 10/1/11

 Motion by __________________, seconded by_________________, to approve personnel items 9 - 13.

        Other Business:
14.   Coaching Contracts:  Approve the following coaching recommendations:
   Sue Subich  - Freshmen volleyball
   Rob Hassmann  - 8th grade girls’ basketball
   Jay Schmidt  - 7th grade girls’ basketball
   Danielle Basham - Junior High swim coach
   Brock Spurling  - Junior High swim coach
15.    Miss Lexington Pageant:  Approval to waive the charge for the use of the High School
        Auditorium for the Miss Lexington Pageant scheduled for May 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

  16.   In Lieu of Transportation:  Approve payment for “In Lieu of Transportation” for Lexington
          students attending Discovery School, Foundation Academy and Mt. Vernon Academy for  the 2011-2012 school year.
17.   Tuition Student: Approve the following tuition student for the 2011-2012 school year:
  Cassie Dickerson - 12th grade, non-resident, waiver of tuition for senior year  

18.   Recommend approval of the enclosed residence affidavit.

19.   Substitute List:  Approve the Lexington substitute lists & the complete substitute lists` dated 8/18/11, 8/31/11 & 9/16/11 as presented  by MOESC.

20.   Approve contract with Clear Fork Local Schools for the 2011-2012 school year to transport student to  Ohio School for the Deaf at a cost of $100.00 per day.

        Motion by __________________, seconded by _____________________, to approve item 14-20.

21.   Executive Session:  Motion by ____________________, seconded by ________________,
        to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline,  promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing and negotiations.

        The Board entered into executive session at _________.
        The Board returned to open session at ___________.

22.   Adjournment:  Motion by ________________, seconded by _________________, to adjourn.