Regular Meeting

Monday, February 21, 2011

     7:00 p.m.



1.    Call to Order:    The President will call the meeting to order.


2.    Communications/Visitors:   The President will recognize any visitors to the meeting and

       present any communications.


                     Abby Kuhn, Student representative to the Board will present her report.       


       Financial Items:

3.    Minutes:  The President will call for additions or corrections to the January organizational and

       regular meeting.


  1. Financial:  The Treasurer will present the monthly financial report for January 2011.


  1. The Treasurer requests board approval of a resolution authorizing the Treasurer to enter into an agreement for the purchase of electric generation from the winning bidder of an RFP open to all licensed competitive retail electric service providers.  This RFP has been offered and managed by MEC (Metropolitan Education Council).


       Motion by __________________, seconded by_________________, to approve items 3 - 5.



       Personnel Items:


  1. Retirement:  Accept the retirement request of:

Denise Belcastro          -           Jr. High, effective May 31, 2011

Lois Lasker                  -           Eastern Elementary Librarian, effective end

of the 2010-2011 school year


  1. Resignation:  Accept the resignation of the following:

Jim Goode                   -           High School Principal, effective end of

                                                the 2010-2011 contract year

Todd Korbas                -           High School, effective end of the 2010-2011

                                                school year

Tommie Roseberry      -           The following supplemental contracts for the

                                                first semester only of the 2011- 2012 school year:

                                    -           Jr. High Pacesetter

                                                                       -           Spelling Bee

                                                                             -    Tech Support

                                                                             -    IAT Chairperson


  1. Salary Adjustment:  Approve the following salary adjustment:

                                   Ray Hoskins                -           BS + 20 to MBA (effective January 11, 2011)

                                   Roxanne Drueschler    -           BS + 20 to ME

                                   Teresa Weaver             -           ME to ME + 10








                                                                                                                                               Page 2



9.    Retirement:  Approve the retirement of:

 Sandra Hawkins          -           Transportation Department, effective

                                                                                 March 1, 2011

                                   Carl Stehle                   -           Transportation Department, effective

                                                                                 February 28, 2011

10.   Employment:  Approve the employment of:

Ginger Mosey              -           Long-term sub, Athletic Office, beginning

                                                approximately March 14 through June 10, 2011,

                                                base secretary’s salary

Carl Stehle                   -           Sub bus driver, effective May 1, 2011

George Barley              -           Substitute custodian



        Motion by __________________, seconded by_________________, to approve personnel items 6 – 10.



        Other Business:

11.   Administrative Contracts:  Recommend approval of the following administrator contracts:

Jacque Daup, Eastern Elementary Principal - 1 year

John Harris, Athletic/Activities Director - 1 year

Mark Mauk, High School Dean of Students - 3 year

Dave Roberts, Asst. Supt./Western Principal - 1 year

Sue Weirich, High School Asst. Principal - 3 year

Mike Ziegelhofer, Superintendent/High School Principal - 1 year


  1.  Technology Department Contract:  Recommend approval of the following contract:

Deb Ray, Assistant Technology Dept. Coordinator – 3 year

Levi Mowry, Technology Dept. Assistant – 2 year


13.   School Calendar:  Approve the school calendar for 2011-2012 as enclosed.


14.   Tuition Student: Approve the following tuition student for the 2011-2012 school year:

                                   Jaxon Brown               -           New, Kindergarten, Western Elementary,

                                                                                   per negotiated agreement, following parent

                                                                                   employed by our district

                                   Kasey Davis                -           Continuing, first grade, Western Elementary

                                   Jonathon Bradford       -           New, High School, 11th grade

                                   Ethan Remy                 -           New, Kindergarten, Central Elementary,

                                                                                   per negotiated agreement, following teaching



 15.   Coaching Contracts:  Approve the following coaching recommendations:

                                    Doug Basham              -           JV baseball

                                    John Watkins               -           Freshman baseball

                                    Ian Craze                     -           Baseball volunteer assistant

                                    Ken Kreis                    -           JV softball                                                                                           Rob Michels               -           Volunteer assistant boys’ tennis

                                    Richard Dunn              -           Assistant track (jumps)

                                    Landon Huvler                        -           Assistant track (throws)

                                    Denise Benson             -           Assistant track (distance)

                                    Gary Hinton                 -           Assistant track (sprints)

                                    Brent Rastetter             -           Junior High track

                                    Austin Javurek             -           Junior High track


                                                                                                                                                Page 3



                                    Scott Hamilton             -           Junior High track

                                    Jay Schmidt                 -           Junior High track

                                    Anne Petrie                  -           Junior High track


16.   High School Diplomas:  Approve Mr. Mike Kathrein, as selected by the senior class, to pass

        out diplomas to the members of the class of 2010-2011 during the graduation exercises on June 5, 2011.


17.   Committee Appointments:

  1. Athletic Board of Control (2)  _____________________________________
  2. Music Board of Control (2) _______________________________________
  3. In-Service Review Board (1) ______________________________________
  4. Classified In-Service Review Board (1)  _____________________________
  5. Technology Committee (1)  _______________________________________
  6. County Tax Incentive Review Council (1) ____________________________


 18.   Substitute List:  Approve the Lexington substitute list & the complete substitute list dated 2/11/11

 as presented by MOESC.


19.   Student Summer Employment:  Request permission to employ four (4) summer maintenance

        employees and two (2) summer employees for help in the technology department.


       Motion by __________________, seconded by _____________________, to approve item 11-19.


20.   Executive Session:  Motion by ____________________, seconded by ________________,

       to enter into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline,

       promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of

       charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual unless

       the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing, negotiations

       and administrative contracts.


       The Board entered into executive session at _________.

       The Board returned to open session at ___________.


21.   Adjournment:  Motion by ________________, seconded by _________________, to adjourn.