Eastern 5th grade art students learning ceramics techniques by creating mugs.


Eastern 4th grade students “protesting” no taxation without representation as part of their study of why the colonists wanted independence from Great Britain.


Eastern sixth grade students celebrated World Kindness Day November 13th. Each student was given a heart and all the students were asked to go around the room and write a kind compliment or encouraging word on each students' heart that is pertinent to that student. Many students commented about the hearts being keep sakes. Creating an atmosphere of kindness and encouragement is powerful.


Eastern Elementary recently did community service projects. The 6th grade students from Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Swart's team did a coffee drive for firefighters. The students chose this project because several of their dads are firefighters. The students raised the funds to provide a special treat of 14 lbs of Fire Dept Coffee to the Mansfield and Galion fire departments where the students' dads serve as firefighters.


The Character Focus for the month of September at Eastern Elementary was SERVICE. Classes from Mrs. Berry, Smith and Wyant recognized the Lexington Police Department.


Sixth grade students from Eastern went on their 'Employable Arts' Field Trip, which included stops at DRM, Carousel Works, Carousel Park and the Renaissance Theater.


Eastern students and staff creating a color wheel design on the playground to celebrate Youth Fine Arts Month.


Some Eastern, JH and HS students, Eastern staff and community members volunteered to spruce up the restrooms at Eastern Elementary with paintings and inspirational sayings. Great idea. Looks awesome and we've had very positive feedback from the students. Thanks to all involved.

E 6thGradeAcademicChallenge

The two Eastern 6th grade Academic Challenge teams finished 1st and 2nd in their most recent competition.

E 5thGradeAcademicChallenge

Eastern's 5th grade Academic Challenge team earned first place in a recent competition.


6th grade students assisted 'People Helping People' in Downtown Mansfield.


These students displayed their musical talents at the Mid Ohio District Board Members meeting held at MOESC.


These students presented their artwork at the Mid Ohio District Board Members Meeting held at MOESC.


Eastern's 6th Grade Student Council helped to fight hunger by feeding residents of downtown Mansfield.


The 5th grade classes recently participated in the annual Night Sky Watch.


Sixth grade students recently celebrated "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Students completed numerous Pirate themed math activities throughout the building.


Sixth grade students recently celebrated "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Students completed numerous Pirate themed math activities throughout the building.

EasternWatsonWoods 1

5th grade classes exploring Watson's Woods.


Fifth grade students Skype with NASA.