Dear Student and Parent,

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we extend to you a warm and sincere "welcome" as you begin a new school year or enter our school as a new student. This handbook has been prepared to serve as a resource to assist the student in establishing the correct procedures, attitudes, and conduct necessary for good citizenship at school. This handbook has been approved by the Board of Education. Students and parents are encouraged to read it carefully. Parents are an integral part of the education process because their support, concern and understanding are needed if the best is to be realized for the student. I hope that all students engage themselves in our academic program as well as the co/extra-curricular activities. Our school will assist you in gaining knowledge, developing skills and creating positive attitudes that will benefit you in the present and in the future. Take advantage of these opportunities and make this a positive year for yourself. We hope that you enjoy your school year. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your teacher, counselor or principal. Please contact the office to view the current student handbook.


Kathy Weidig


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