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Technology Department Staff:

Levi Mowry – Technology Director

PH:  419-884-1111 (ext: 1404)               See “contact us” for email

Deb Ray – Assistant Technology Director

PH:  419-884-1111 (ext: 3100)               See “contact us” for email

Kyle Trittschuh - Technician

PH: 419-884-1111 (ext. 1415)               See "contact us" for email


   Technology Committee:

Keith Stoner – School Board/Community member/parent

Loren Blackstone - School Board/Community member

Megan McCammon – Teacher/Community member

Mike Ziegelhofer – Superintendent/Community member

Deb Ray – Technology Staff /Community member

Kyle Trittschuh - Technology Staff / Community member

Levi Mowry– Technology Staff